How-To: DIY Wedding Centerpieces

(Feature photo by Melissa Jean and centerpiece photos by Savannah Lawrence)

How-To: DIY Wedding Centerpieces

By Savannah Lawrence

Money has always been a major factor in how a wedding will look. There are pricey decorations and much more! Luckily, there is Pinterest. Pinterest is home for everything DIY, a “Do It Yourself headquarters.” From wedding decorations to bookshelves, there is something for every DIYer. To add a personal touch, I decided to attempt some DIY wedding centerpieces to show you that anyone can do it. I will be doing three different centerpiece styles, vintage, rustic and modern. Materials will of course be affordable, but the most important part about the process is that it will be fun! So let’s get started!

Vintage Vixen

The best way to create the most affordable, simple, and beautiful vintage centerpiece is by first going to a local thrift store to look for unique materials. Old tattered books, little vases, tea cups, uniquely shaped mirrors, and small colorful objects are the perfect materials to start your vintage centerpiece. Feel free to completely customize your centerpiece to fit your style!


Ravishingly Rustic

Using wood and jars are always the best items to use when you are accomplishing a rustic look for your wedding. Adding tattered books and simple flowers will help create that shabby chic look that you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to add flowers and pops of color to make your centerpieces come to life! Heading to your local thrift store to find these items will help with expenses as you take on this rustic look.


Modern Magic

Staying simple when choosing pieces for a modern centerpiece is key. Candles, greenery, and abstract metal objects will be perfect pieces for your modern look. Go to any outdoor store to purchase succulents or even to a craft store for faux greenery that will look lush and chic.