How-To: Pull Off a Theme Wedding

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How-To: Pull Off a Theme Wedding

By Sarah Pineda

Theme weddings are not tacky! When done sophisticatedly and thoughtful, they make delicate and lasting memories for the bride and groom. It allows the new couple to enter their new life together with a wedding that represents who both of them are. Whether this calls for a Disney wedding, rustic-barn wedding, or tropical wedding, let the creativity flow for that once-in-a-lifetime party. 

barn wedding-Kim Fox Photography.

As the typical single girl who daydreams about her wedding every now and then, Disney Weddings on Instagram only adds fuel to this fire. Disney Weddings is an account I stumbled upon where they post pictures of the weddings they hold at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The pictures are beautiful with delicate, intricate details showing which Disney theme the couple went for. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars––there are so many Disney themes to choose from. Many of these Disney weddings stick to the classic Mickey Minnie theme, where their figurines stand at the top of the cake. Or, the bride wears Minnie-Mouse-inspired red and white polka dot shoes and her groom wears a yellow bow tie. These pictures display how the Disney theme can be carried in a way that looks like a wedding and not a little kid’s birthday party.

disney wedding instagram

Disney isn’t your thing? You can also find inspiration elsewhere.This may include searching through the tag ‘theme weddings’ on Pinterest or perhaps picking up a copy of Brides magazine. Even popular weddings shows can do the job!  TLC’s Four Weddings, is a competition with four brides-to-be who attend each other’s weddings and rank them on specific elements. While Marked Ministry doesn’t necessarily agree with all the show’s content and the idea of the show may be a little ostentatious, I enjoy watching Four Weddings because it shows different weddings and their themes. There was one in particular which caught my eye at how carefully constructed theme weddings can be. The new couple shared a love for theater and decided to have their wedding location at an actual historic theater. They used the stage as the dance floor, passed out popcorn as snacks and included props throughout the venue with vintage film reels and trinkets in which expressed the theme they were going for.

theatre wedding - The Knot

A theme wedding I have seen gained increase popularity is the rustic-barn wedding with DIY décor. Mason jars pretty much run the show at these weddings, with baby breath’s flowers following as their companion. Calligraphy on wooden signs are hung on almost every hook, illustrating the different stops and set-ups at the wedding. The bride is usually wearing a long lace dress with a matching veil hung by a fresh flower crown. You can call this wedding theme hipster or the millennial wedding of the moment, but I must admit they are beautiful weddings.

Whether you’re single, engaged, or have been married for years, hopefully these examples sparked an interest in theme weddings and how they can be pulled off. Do not be afraid of breaking the stereotypical wedding to venture into a theme. And next time you get a wedding invitation in the mail and see Mickey Mouse’s head, get excited that you got a theme wedding coming your way!