Safety Awareness Tips For Women

(Photo by Kimberly Loidolt)

Safety Awareness Tips For Women

By Bella Martinez

In the South, it is common practice for a man to walk on the outer sidewalk, allowing his female walking partner to walk on the inner sidewalk. Why? To protect her from moving traffic. Historically and culturally, women were to be protected from multiple dangers. In a society in which crime is worsening daily, it is pertinent that women be aware of the dangers that surround us and to take caution.

Recently, someone close to me told me of how their female friend was filling up her car with gas at night, and was robbed at gunpoint. A few months ago, my aunt’s car was broken into because she left her purse on the front seat. Stories like these often plague us and the good news is that in many cases these types of situations can be avoided.

It begins with a discerning heart. In the Bible, discernment and knowledge to judge between good and evil are often asked of the Lord, such as in Solomon’s case in 1 Kings 3:9. James 1:5 also encourages us to ask for wisdom, stating “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” God desires for us to have knowledge and discernment to be able to accept what is excellent, but also to avoid evil.

There are many pragmatic ways in which women can be cautious of danger, but let’s discuss a few:

Self Defense

Believe it or not, many women across the United States carry a gun or pepper spray to protect themselves in the case of an attack. As long as this is legal in your area, and you know how to use the weapon, carrying something to defend yourself is not a bad idea. A gun may be a little too much for some, but pepper spray is easy to use, and an affordable option. Taking classes in self defense is also ideal in being able to combat an attacker.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Be Wary of It:

As Christians, we’re to fear Christ alone, so there is no need to fear the dark. However, it is typically at night under the cover of darkness that many violent crimes take place. For this reason, it is ideal to go out with someone at night rather than alone. Reserve chores like filling up gas for the daytime and don’t run or walk at night, unless with a partner.

Keep Valuables Concealed:

For lack of knowing who’s watching at all times, it’s best to keep items like money, jewelry, credit cards, and other valuables concealed. A thief may wait to find a target, so don’t let yourself be identified as having what they want.

Again, there are many ways a woman can be cautious of danger, but it all begins with God-given discernment. Just as James 1:5 encourages you, I also encourage you to ask for more wisdom and discernment which God so richly desires to give.