Tween and Me: Photo Shoot

Tween and Me: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

Anyone remember being a tween? Braces. Acne. Bullies. Boy/girl dances. Adolescence. You get the picture. But beyond the crazy changes you had to experience at that age, you might have faced some other hard things like maybe having a loved one get diagnosed with cancer or feeling left out because you were picked last in P.E. Maybe your parents got a divorce or you had to switch schools and make a big move. Perhaps you felt weird because your hair was curly not straight or felt rejected by the “cool” kids. In some way, I can guarantee you went through something and it hurt.

But who noticed? Who was there when you needed them? Who gave you a hug? Who listened? Who saw you? That is what this photo shoot is all about. Tweens matter. Instead of blowing off those tweens around you, take time to be available for them. Never say, “you’re too busy,” you’re not. You never know what that person is going through, so don’t miss any opportunity to be a friend. Take time to see them. Hear them. Spend time with them. Their story matters and you never know how you can make an impact and how they can make an impact on you.

So here are some photos that illustrate this message. These are the moments capturing the amazing day I had with my beautiful friend Kayla hula hooping and just hanging. May it inspire you to be a friend.