How-To: Say So Long to Summer

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

How-To: Say So Long to Summer

By Sarah Komisky

I love summer. The longer, sun-filled days that linger into warm nights that beckon us to explore the great outdoors are alluring. Then there is the sweet taste of peaches and plums and the refreshing taste of watermelon that quenches your thirst in the heat. I also love the way summer brings outdoor events and people together in new ways with BBQ’s and picnics. It’s safe to say, summer is a special season filled with warm memories created in each new season with new people and new places.

So before you sigh at the thought of summer ending, don’t! The good news is summer isn’t over! In the northern hemisphere, September 22nd marks the official last day so why not make it count? To get things started, I put a list of fun things you might want to try before you say so long to summer. Enjoy.

Take Photos in the City

Although the beach is usually the go-to summer destination, I consider the city a must see. Grab a buddy and document the day. Document what you see and have an impromptu photo shoot. Print your day trip photos and frame your favorite moment to remember your day.


Yes, I did say dance. Even if you’re the only one, enjoy the moment! Get in that county line dance sequence or bust your own moves. Pull out a friend and get your groove on because summer is the only time you get to do so in the outdoors at a concert in the park or your local community event.

Eat Summer fruit

Go to your local farmers market and treat yourself to a white peace, apricot, or plum. Not only will they taste better but they are also a fresh bite worth your summer while

Take an Art Walk

Summer is a great time to walk in the moonlight and why not see some local art when you are doing so? Check your local city website for the next art walk near you.

Have S’more 

Grab some graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and indulge in a deliciousness toasty bite around a bonfire or with your friends at their outdoor fireplace. Strum some songs, have some good conversation and of course, eat some campfire food.