Q&A: Melody Levvorn (Talent/Featured, “The Heart Of Man”)

(Photo courtesy of Rogers & Cowan)


Q&A: Melody Levvorn (Talent/Featured, “The Heart Of Man”)

By Sarah Komisky

Coaching women and couples facing sexual brokenness since 2012, Melody Levvorn of Undone Redone is offering hope from the same hope she received years ago. Rising out of the ashes of her husband’s betrayal and infidelity, Melody now candidly shares her story (alongside her husband) of redemption in the new documentary, “The Heart of Man.” Encouraging women facing the pain of betrayal or their own addiction, Melody caught up with Marked Ministry to open up with her thoughts on women and sexual brokenness, the importance of community, and the breaking of false perceptions of God. This is what she shared.

This movie is clearly not just for men, but also for women. What does it mean for you as a woman to be a part of this film? 

Melody: I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this film, and more so as a woman. I believe that this movie is for every woman who can identify with shame and with struggle whether that shows up in performance and perfectionism or trying to manage sin and addiction when it is kicking our butt. The reminder for me as a beloved daughter is that God is pursuing me relentlessly, no matter what the season is, and that softens me, calls me to repentance, and ultimately freedom in Christ.

Sharing your own story of redemption in your marriage affected by pornography and adultery was so inspiring. How do you want to encourage other women who are currently facing these struggles married to someone facing this addiction or are currently struggling themselves with this addiction? 

Melody: As someone who walks daily with women who have been impacted by the devastation of betrayal, I feel my story will give voice to any woman who might be currently suffering in silence. Shame loves to crawl into the broken places and keep us buttoned up, isolated, and living in secret. Also, having the opportunity to talk to many women struggling with sexual brokenness or sexual abuse and the shame associated with that, I feel that this film will bring hope and courage for someone to share their story with a safe person. Whatever the struggle is, when we can show up and share our story with someone who can empathize and love us in and through our pain—that is when the healing process can begin. We were not created to walk alone. I am hopeful that Jackie’s story and my story will inspire other women to courageously step into their own story.

Grace, hope, and community are huge themes in this film. How do you think this film will inspire people to re-connect with God, their faith, family and one another? 

Melody: My mission in Undone Redone is to create and grow a culture of healing community both within the church and outside the church walls. This film speaks to what it means to be known by the Father and others within the context of healthy community. This community is where true, lasting change takes place. God has a relentless love and is in pursuit of each and every one of us and He wants to redeem all our shame. When we can believe that He loves us in spite of our brokenness, we can begin to allow ourselves to be known by others and to reciprocate that love. “The Heart of Man” is saturated with this message of grace, and the beauty to be known in community, and I am excited that we will have a visual of His love beautifully portrayed on the big screen.

Now having completed this film and nearing its release, how did the film impact your life?

Melody: I connected deeply to all the stories of the people in the film and more importantly empathize with the root that contributes and drives all behavior. This film is a story inviting sons and daughters of God to leave behind the confusion of who they think God is into who He really is. This movie is a fresh reminder that daily I have the opportunity to step into the story that He is writing for me as His beloved, or to not believe this and hide and try to perform my way back to His love. The Father’s relentless pursuit is now etched in my mind through the beautiful cinematography and that now propels me to run toward that love.