A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: Ocober, 2017
Break my Fall

By Selma Komisky

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.”                                       

–  Psalm 40:2 (NLT)

Have you ever almost slipped or fallen but didn’t?  I remember once oblivious that the kitchen floor had just been freshly mopped. Walking on the wet tiled floor, I felt myself doing the splits, (lol) sliding without control. When suddenly, before I hit the ground out of nowhere, I felt my daughter’s arms embrace me from behind and lifted me back up to safety. She literally stopped me from going down! This imagery is a picture of how sometimes we slip up and sin against the Lord and fall spiritually, but God loves to save us from our worst falls. He lifts us right above them. We all can fall many ways as people.

There are some important things to note from this example:

  1. I was oblivious- meaning I wasn’t paying attention or being watchful. When we’re potentially falling, we don’t see ourselves drifting/slipping. We don’t see the outcome if we continue on this slippery path–– there is a brutal painful fall at the end. So we need to pay attention, God always gives us warnings if we tune into His voice.
  2. I was slipping – I literally was knocked off my feet. There was a slip up in my walk and a potential fall. If we don’t stay close to Jesus (i.e. reading God word daily, prayer, plugged into a Bible believing church, community with other believers, serving.), you are guaranteed to slip and fall away from God.
  3. I had no control- I had to make a choice. I should have not chosen to walk across that wet floor, but I did. That’s how life is everyday. We get things thrown at us and we have to make a choice. Is this good for me, or is it potentially harmful? The enemy (Satan) wants to tempt us and put us in these situations to trip us up. It’s God who gives us the Holy Spirit that gives the ability to make good choices.

Therefore, the beautiful part of this story that you can glean is that part when my daughter caught me and I didn’t fall. That’s a picture of Jesus when He breaks our fall! Cry out to Jesus, He’s our Savior.

This month at Marked Ministry Magazine we thought this issue would be fun to play on the word fall since this is autumn. So we’re still going to celebrate the season of fall with delicious apple recipes, scented candles, fall hair colors and fashions but then we switch things up a bit with the word “Fall” because we as people all can fall in many ways. For example, we will be discussing falling into pitfalls, falling for the wrong guy or falling into sin or fall into worship.

Sit back and enjoy reading our issue.

Let Jesus always break your fall.