Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Guide 2017

(Graphic by Hannah Jacob; Fashion photo by Savannah Lawrence)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Guide 2017

By Rachel Mosler

What is Black Friday? According to Wikipedia, “Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States that since 1952 has been regarded as the beginning of Christmas shopping season. Most major retailers open very early in the morning (and more recently during the overnight hours) and offer promotional sales.” I have braved Black Friday one time in my life, and that was to keep my friend company while she snagged a super deal on her first cell phone. She saved a significant amount of money, and the memories we created through this experience made for funny stories…after we got some sleep, that is! The quality time with friends and family is a positive part of choosing to shop this sale, along with the fact that it reminds you how blessed you are to live in a safe home with a warm bed.

In addition, you are able to actually see/try on the products you are purchasing, which is especially important for clothes and shoes. The downside for us fashion-lovers is that Black Friday often has more numerous sales on electronics, and the clothing options can be poor quality or previous-season trends. Another con is the swarm of other shoppers rushing to snag their desired items; this can be quite overwhelming and stressful, and check-out lines are typically extended throughout the store. Ultimately, you can find some really good deals on Black Friday, but you will be more successful if you wait to do your apparel shopping on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday, as stated by Wikipedia, is “a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online.” Cyber Monday is more extensive for fashion retail. The past two years there were 48% more clothing deals than Black Friday, and 50% more footwear deals. The definite upside to shopping this online event is the fact that you will find extensive options for yourself, as well as gifts for your family, if you choose to shop Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday.

Also, can we talk about shopping from home while in your Christmas PJ’s drinking a hot beverage? I assure you you will be much cozier than if you were to camp out on the street on a cold autumn night. Plus, instead of racing to several stores and fighting crowds in each one, you are able to search multiple websites at once and can easily ensure you are settling on the best bargains. On top of the financial savings, you are also saving your time and sanity! The cons to cyber shopping for apparel are not being able to detect whether or not something is high quality, and it can be difficult to determine if the sizing is accurate. You are also competing with millions of other shoppers, and your favorite things can sell out quickly.

While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their pros and cons, you are able to participate in both events, and this will cover all of your Christmas shopping needs. Happy bargain shopping!