Miracle Stories: A Collection from the MM Team

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Miracle Stories: A Collection from the MM Team

By Hannah Jacob, Kyle Jane Heskett, Jacqueline Napoli and Michelle Ochen

Miracle Story

By Kyle Jane Heskett

I went to Houston with my church to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. We were there to gut-out houses effected by the flood before the mold had time to set in by quickly disposing of damaged insulation, drywall, and flooring. I live in Los Angeles and am used to angry drivers, angry consumers, and angry neighbors. I am guilty of this myself when I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city. But Houston is different. We were at the home of one couple in particular who told us what happened when the hurricane hit their neighborhood. These people lost almost everything, not only possessions but their homes and their sense of safety. When this couple tried to get to safety and take shelter at a local church, they were literally swimming through water. They saw a man who took his boat and rode all throughout the neighborhood, picking up people and animals to bring them to safety. He stopped for everyone. We heard story after story about Houston residents helping their neighbors out, even when they had their own crisis to deal with. In my own community, I now want to be that neighbor, the one who serves others without question for the Kingdom of Christ.

Miracle Stories

By Hannah Jacob

In America, when tragedy strikes it gives us a chance to show our bothers and sisters what we’re made of. These people that have chosen to help others in their time of need have put aside religious background, age, and politics to reach a hand to others in need.

People lining up to donate blood in Vegas:


Even though the “Sin City” is not known for being a place of selfless compassion, people were in huge lines waiting to give blood to the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting.

Tesla building a solar power plant for Puerto Rico:


Despite Puerto Rico not getting as much headlines, this US Territory is still without power and water on most of the island. Luckily Tesla, a company that manufactures electric cars, decided to step in and complete a solar power plant to bring power to a Puerto Rico Hospital.

A homeless teen spends his birthday helping hurricane victims:


Talk about a Good Samaritan! This 19-year-old who is currently living on the streets decided to give his time helping those in need after the hurricane destroyed most of Puerto Rico. Even though he has nothing, he’s deciding to serve others.

Girl Scout evacuee helps storm survivors:


This powerful Girl Scout who is an evacuee herself, decided to put on her vest and help fellow evacuees in the shelter she was staying at. Despite being scared herself, she knew she needed to put others first. This brave 9-year old was an inspiration and a phenomenal example to me!

Miracle Story: Goat-herding Hero Dog

By Jacqueline Napoli

I love this story. It is a perfect picture of God’s heroic love for us, told in the courage of a Great Pyrenees dog. The family frantically evacuated their family from the Tubbs fire in northern California, loading up all the family pets, except for the goats because there was no room. Odin doggedly refused to leave the goats and get in the car, as the neighborhood literally erupted into a firestorm. The family had no choice but to flee, never to see their dog – or goats – again.  But when they returned, the goats were found safely huddled around a singed and wounded Odin – with even a few deer by him, for good measure. The hope of Christ reaches out to us through this. There is a terribly real potential of eternal flames and loss for every soul, but Jesus, like Odin, doesn’t leave us to a hopeless future. He gave up his own life to swap it for ours, paying our sin-sentence with His own life, on the cross. And not only to save us, but others as well – like the deer. Odin, a real-life picture of the Good Shepherd.


Miracle Story

By Michelle Ochen

Being far from the United States of America in a season of crisis and disaster is hard. As I look at the poverty that surrounds me, in Uganda, I think of the needs of my own countrymen in Florida, Texas, California, Las Vegas, and the list goes on. My heart aches and wishes for a schedule that would be spent bringing relief and hope to those in need. In a time of much loss and misfortune, how easy it is to focus on the negative. Hearing stories of how God has been seen in the midst of these storms warms our aching hearts.

One of my few missionary friends here has a sister who had enjoyed a meal at the hotel of the shootings in Las Vegas only hours before it transpired. Using some strange flight patterns, they had been re-directed through California and had to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Due to these circumstances, their trip timing was altered. They left Las Vegas by car only hours before the tragic evening’s events. God’s hand was upon this young mother in allowing a detour to keep her safe.

A story like this reminds me to look for the positives in the changing of plans the Lord allows. I commonly get frustrated when things do not go as planned, but often times, Him allowing my plans to fail is only so that His plans of protection and good may be established. The God who goes before our coming in and our going out knows how best to direct us.