Our Note to Guy’s: A Story

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Our Note to Guy’s: A Story
Isaac and Ray Castro

By Sarah Komisky


In line in Costco, we saw four things that made us notice two young men in line with us.One, they let us go first in line. Two, they called us ma’am. Three, they asked an older woman with a humongous cart if she needed help. Four, they ran after a stranger (who was clearly homeless) to sit and enjoy some pizza with them. This is when we knew that there had to be something different about these two guys. When we approached them, we found out that there was! Teen brothers, Isaac and Ray Castro have a love for God and through their own brush with poverty have a desire to give back. Here is their story. May it inspire you to be the man of God you were meant to be.

Tell us a bit of your story?

Isaac: Our story starts with our childhood where our parents would emphasize respect to all people regardless if they are strangers or not. They also taught us to treat others as you would like to them to treat you, “Golden Rule.” Growing up was great because no matter the circumstances, our family still stuck together and shared the love at all times.

In your own words, tell me how God and your mother made you who you are today?

Isaac: God, our mom and dad have influenced us very heavily to make us the young men we are today. God has sparred my life. I was supposed to have special needs (Down Syndrome), however God allowed me to reap the fruits of life and to be able to live with the wonderful family I have. With this being said, I have much respect and love for God because of his mercy towards me. In conclusion, I pray to God everyday, thanking him for the wonderful life and parents he has blessed me with. Our mom and dad gave us everything we needed in life and taught us to never give up and fight for what we love and believe in.

Ray: God has also blessed me with my life. I was a premature baby and anything could have happened. But all odds put aside, God stayed by my side and allowed me to grow up to a healthy young man that I am now. I too have love and respect for god for the mercy he has placed upon me.

What is some good advice that you can pass along to other godly guys in their singleness?

Isaac: Some good advice that we can give to other guys is that patience is truly a virtue, always love one another, be very understanding and open to others, and to seek positivity in every aspect in life.

Why is giving back so important to you?

Isaac: Giving back is important to us because there was a point in our lives where we couldn’t afford the necessities that were essential to our everyday lives. Sometimes we had to receive food from others and church services. It was tough, but the feeling that you have when someone goes out of their way to help you is just unexplainable. It just warms your heart and leaves you speechless because they didn’t have to do it, but chose to because they know that we were in need. Therefore we are very understanding and giving because we have gone through these hard times before, and don’t want anyone else to experience what we went though. The precious smiles and hugs from those you have helped are just something to live for because you know that you impacted someone’s life in a positive way and that they have yet to share the love with others!

What are some practical ways that godly guys can start giving back?

Issac: Some ways that guys can start giving back is simply by making sacrifices. If they know they have resources they don’t need that could be useful in other hands, then why not donate it. If there is any spare items, food resources, or any other useful materials that you have, why not help someone out in need. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be items that you give back to others. It could be life lessons or advice that you can share with others to simply strengthen their minds for potential obstacles that have yet to come, and the solutions to solve them.

How do you want to leave your mark on the world?

Isaac: We want to leave a positive mark on the world that opens the eyes of all individuals to realize that everyone brings something to the table, and together we can help each other out, making a better tomorrow and a healthier Earth.