The Beauty of Enjoying a Moment: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Selma Komisky)

The Beauty of Enjoying a Moment: Photo Shoot


By Sarah Komisky


When my aunt pulled up on the side of the road, I knew it was one of those moments of spontaneity that happens frequently if you’re in my family. It’s these moments that I enjoy most and make for the best memories I carry with me today. As my mom shouted “Stop!” from the shotgun, I knew that what she saw was going to be good; through the camera lens, she tends to see potential in the world. Here on the side of the road was an endless white fence, yellow fields, bright greenery, and a warm sunset. It was a perfect place to photograph, and my mom used me as her model. With my wavy hair and my simple sundress, I enjoyed the moment with my favorite photographer. In its simplicity and her capturing me, I felt the most comfortable and beautiful in this everyday setting. No hair or makeup artist and no fashion stylist. Just me, unveiled. So, as we thought about photo shoots for this issue, we believe it would only be fitting this November to share a bit of our spontaneity with you. We hope it stirs your creativity and inspires you to enjoy the moment.