A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: December/January, 2017

By Sarah Komisky

In 1965, Roger’s and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music featured a song that talked all about Marias’ (Julie Andrews’) “favorite things.” Since that time, the song became a Christmas classic covered by popular artists like Tony Bennett and Kelly Clarkson. Maybe it got so much attention because we all can relate to it. Don’t we all have our own favorites when it comes to the holidays? It might not be whiskers on kittens or schnitzel with noodles, but hey, we all agree that we collect our own favorites this time of the year.

Sometimes, they are new, like a new tradition, new party, new outfit, or new memory. Some are old, like a cherished recipe, a special ornament, or a beloved tale we read this time of the year. Both define our holidays and make them unique year after year, and this winter, we want to do just that.

So, we at Marked Ministry sat down and thought of our own favorite things. Some are new like the 30 news ways we want to give this December and new healthy ways we want to cook up some new holiday dishes. We also thought of new ways to be present as a present and jotted down a tween wish list for 2017. Also, we felt it was important to include some content on relevant topics like shopping for gift-zillas, finding the silver lining in your holidays this year, developing new spiritual resolutions, and practicing healthy boundaries at your next holiday function. In turn, we also wanted to share a new book release as well as new ideas on how to have quality time this year with a guy in your life.

But we also wanted to share some of the old talking about an iconic fashion essential (the little black dress) and sharing some amazing holiday recipes from our kitchen that we love. Likewise, we want to share a glimpse of what a California Christmas looks like (a destination near and dear to our hearts). Additionally, we wanted to discover the true story of St. Nick, celebrate Christ in Advent, and recount the Christmas story as a whole. We also wanted to give the gift of sharing our favorite holiday pastimes with you, crafts, and even our favorite Christmas album (#Evan Wickham: Christmas Music Vol. 1)!

We figured if Oprah can do it, we can too! So unwrap our gift to you this issue by scrolling through these articles and photos. Admire them, be blessed by them, and may you enjoy some of our favorite things as well!

Above all else, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Christ,