Buying for Gift-Zilla

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Buying for Gift-Zilla

By Hannah Jacob

We all have that one person [or maybe two or three] in our lives that never really likes any type of gift you give them. They might be polite off the back, but judging by their facial expression, you’re just like, “Gift-Zilla strikes again!”

I know some people that spend weeks thinking what to give their Gift-Zilla. I’ve collaborated with lots of my friends trying to figure out what to get and I’ve developed a thinking process along the way. So if you’re shopping for Gift-zilla this year, keep reading! I’ll help make it easier for you by going through my process together. Lets do this!

  1. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Who are you buying for? [i.e. How old are they? Relative or friend?]
  • What gender are they?
  • Are they single, in a relationship, married?
  • What activities do they like? *Look on the person’s Instagram if you don’t know. If it’s a person that doesn’t have social media, call them and ask what they’ve been up to lately
  • Are they a foodie?

Once you’ve done this, you can probably just go on Amazon and go through their gift ideas for that person based off of these answers. If not, keep reading!

  1. Has the person hinted at anything they’ve wanted?
  • Think of all the last conversations you’ve had with that person.
  • Ask close friends and family if they’ve mentioned something they’ve wanted.
  1. Gift-Zilla still striking? Go for a go-to gift for [almost] anyone!
  • Blankets… work for [almost] any female.
  • Gift cards…. A Target card can make [almost] anyone happy
  • Food (Make them something or even buy them a gift certificate to their favorite place!)
    I once knew a friend that bought their mom beef (raw high quality beef) for Christmas because she loves to cook.
  • Movie tickets

I’ve nailed quite a few Christmas gifts using the three step method and I hope you’ve come up with some idea for what to get your Gift-Zilla. Sometimes gift giving can be a daunting task and I hope that I’ve made it a little easier for you. Good luck to you my fellow gift giver!