My Teen Wish List

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

My Teen Wish List

By Roselyn Barrios

We are finally in December! There are a lot of people who love this month because Christmas is coming. Christmas is many people’s favorite holiday because you get to go to parties, get gifts, and spend time with family. Teens care about what they get for Christmas, and I should know because there were times when that was the only thing that I cared about during this time of year.

I remember when I was little, I really needed a bike. When my parents got me one, I didn’t see it and kept walking past it. Then they just looked at me funny and I asked, “Are you okay?” They looked at me and said, “you haven’t seen it yet?” I turned around and saw a new bike next to the tree and I was so happy I jumped up and down screaming and thanking my parents. Sometimes I wish I could be like that still, but we’ve all grown up and the things we want are so much different from what we wanted when we were little.

I asked some of my friends what they wanted and they said they wanted a new phone, maybe some new shoes, or a gift card, which I thought was really nice. What I noticed is that it’s usually the same type of requests every year. I notice this a lot because that’s what teens think that people notice, especially since new iPhones keep coming out. When my friend said that she wanted a gift card, I thought about how some teens don’t care what people think and are not that selfish and I sometimes wish that everyone could be like that.

When it came to asking my friends that are guys, it was completely different. One of my friends said that he wanted peace in the world and that warmed my heart. Other guys wanted a skateboard, a hoodie, or Supreme merchandise. Sporty stuff like that makes sense since most teenage boys don’t really care about what they get, but I could be wrong. Some boys might want something that involves how they would look or their reputation.

For me, I want a phone but I read these books called “Dork Diaries” and there are 12 books and those are what I really want. To have all of them would make me so happy. This is the way I felt when I got a new bike and this is how I know I’m different because I want books. I’m pretty sure a lot of other girls won’t want books because kids at my school they don’t care about that, they usually care about popularity. I just want to say that whatever you get this year, know that it’s the thought that counts.

I may not get my books but I might get something else that means a lot. Wish lists are fun to have but don’t get your hopes up too high. Instead, think about what your parents might think of getting you and hopefully you can get excited about those things. Also, remember the biggest gift that should always come to mind during Christmas is the gift of life that God has given all of you. I hope this has helped all of you with your Christmas lists and I hope you have a fun one. Just remember you have family everywhere who cares about you and if you ever need anything, comment or email us and we are just one click away! God bless you and I can’t wait to help out anyone commenting who needs a guide to a better place.