New Years Spiritual Resolutions

(Photo by Savannah Lawrence)

New Years Spiritual Resolutions

By Michelle Ochen

Three, two, one…the new year always comes with a few resolutions. The newness of a year brings a refreshment to our souls, a fresh vigor ready to make goals and reach for them. Certainly we know by the end of the year many goals will be unmet, yet it is still fun to dream a bit with each new year.

Goals are good, but if they lack any spiritual gain, they really only profit little. Spiritual goals are the only ones that outlive our years on earth. What if we put the same amount of effort we put into our new year’s list into our spiritual list? What if, beside the “read more books” resolution, we had “read through the Bible”? What if, beside “get more stylish clothes” we learned how to wear the full armor of God? What if, next to “lose weight,” we put on some spiritual pounds? What if, beside “make more friends,” we made Christ our priority and instead of some of the time that we give to social media’s shallow relationships we spend it on communication with Him through prayer?

I am all about new year’s lists and resolutions, but I think we ought to remember that physical goals profit little reward, but spiritual goals give great reward. They not only help us in the day-to-day decisions and situations of the year, but are laying up for us an eternal weight of glory in eternity.

This year let’s make two lists, and let’s devote more time to the list that matters.