Forward, March!

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Forward, March!
An Interview with Pastor Chad Veach on the Importance of Pressing On

By Sarah Komisky

“Pastor Chad Veach has been getting some mainstream attention lately. Known as the “millennial pastor,” Veach, Senior Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles, California has caught the eye of the paparazzi and media outlets for his fashion forward style and mentorship with A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, and Chris Pratt. Most recently, he has appeared on Good Morning America and Harry to share on his new book, Faith. Forward. Future. Yet, with great successes he has also had great trails. Experiencing his own family crisis with his daughter Georgia being diagnosed with a rare brain disorder and also being ridiculed for his appeal to the next generation (including his celebrity influence), Veach has still held onto his faith. Now purposed to tell others about the power of Jesus’s good plan for our lives through His Word to us, he casts vision to this generation in the chapters of his new book. In turn, we at Marked Ministry were incredibly grateful to have some time to chat with him on the subject of letting our past be the past, pressing forward in our faith, and grabbing hold of all God has for our future. Here is what he had to share. 

Sarah: Pastor Chad, so great to chat with you! First of all, I love the theme of your new book Faith. Forward. Future. as God having a plan for our lives that is good despite our deficits. How do you believe faith moves us forward to a good future?

Chad: I believe that FAITH is the vehicle God uses to move us forward. Faith is trust, belief, and confidence. It takes a lot of trust, belief, and confidence in someone else to get us out of our mistakes and failures. It’s not believing in ourselves that is the solution, it’s believing in a Savior that is the solution.

Sarah: Many of us have dealt with guilt and shame over our mistakes and bad choices. Sometimes, it is difficult to move forward. How would you encourage those who are in that place today?

Chad: Shame is such a bully. A terrible voice to have in your ear. I think the key is to listen to the One that has a greater authority to speak into your life. We have all made mistakes… but shame wants to convince you that you are a mistake. He wants to attach those mistakes to your identity. Not grace… grace removes all of the guilt and shame away.

Sarah: I heard you say at the Awakening Conference, “God wants you to be in your calling more than you want to be in your calling because God wants you to be blessed more than you want to be blessed…When God’s called you to do it, He’s going to make a way more than you can make a way.” Expand. How do you believe God wants to give better dreams for us than we have for ourselves?

Chad: Yeah, I think that what the Bible says is true: “He’s the author and the finisher of our faith.” So He’s writing our story. He’s the one with the plan. I always think, “God has already been in my future, and He knows what He wants for me.” I have to really be at rest and believe that! Because when I do, I start to realize that God has something way better than what I’ve planned.

Sarah: You and your family have gone through some hard things in life. Your daughter, Georgia, was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder (known as Lissecephaly). How do you believe God can use pain and the hard things we go through in life for His good?

Chad: I love the idea, “What the enemy intended for harm, God can turn around for the good.” I’ve seen that time and time again. God can redeem any broken thing…broken lives, broken hearts, broken relationships, broken situations. That’s how good He is! We’ve just tried to take the brokenness of this situation and let God use it for His glory!

Sarah: When talking about handling hard chapters in life, you said in the Christian Post, “I believe so much of life is a mindset, it’s an attitude, and I think all of us have the decision to make and say, ‘You know what? This is just a minor setback. I’m going to have a major comeback,’” How did God help you to see the, per se, “disappointments” in life as “minor setbacks?”

Chad: I believe God helps elevate our thinking when we are in His presence. He always takes us to a higher level in our perspective…and in the paradigm of how we view life. That’s what He does! So by myself, I have a very limited, short sighted point of view. But God helps me see a bigger picture. Like, this world is not my home. I’m a citizen of a greater place (heaven). As God lifts our heads, we are able to see a brighter tomorrow!

Sarah: You’ve been a pastor, mentor, and an influence for many celebrities as well as many other young people. I know your heart is to reach out to this generation. Why are you passionate about this?

Chad: Well, I think living passionately for people is the greatest way to live life. We always say “whatever God’s about, we’re about!” So guess what God is most obsessed about? PEOPLE! Therefore, we should live to serve and add value to people. I think it pleases the Lord.

Sarah: You recently had a pop-up shop in December and your church’s clothing is currently being noticed by others in LA and the fashion world (including various celebs like Bieber). Now that Zoe Church’s clothing has become a street-wear brand, what is your vision for it as you move forward and why do you think it’s important for Christians to be involved in the fashion industry?

Chad: I don’t necessarily think it’s important that Christians are involved in the fashion industry… I think Christians should be the leaders in every industry! Zoe church merch is just an attempt to allow people to “represent what they love.” If you love God and love your church… here’s some merch to rock! And hopefully that merch opens up some conversations about faith, life and Jesus! We’ve stumbled into a far greater impact than we ever envisioned… so we’re really grateful for that!

Sarah: With that said, I know you are very much a dreamer and an entrepreneur. How do you want to encourage others to keep pressing forward in their dreams in this aspect?

Chad: I want people to feel like “the best is yet to come.” Because it is! The best is in front of us. I want to keep pressing forward to discover what God’s ultimate plan is for my life! I pray that others do the same. It’s the greatest adventure in the world.

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