Living in Light of the Cross

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Living in Light of the Cross
Thoughts for the Single Girl

By Sarah Komisky

Did you know that God cares about your sexuality? Yep, it’s totally true. For many of us, we didn’t know the connection was there or felt like it was weird to have God involved in that part of our lives. When it comes to singleness, many of us have also been guilty of going with our feelings verses our faith when making healthy choices with our sexuality. Yet, as Good Friday approaches, the message has never been more clear of how much the cross is connected with our sexuality.

Today, we live in a culture that says, “go with your heart” and do what you feel, if it feels right. While feelings are an incredible gift, they were never meant to be our navigator. Why? Because feelings are faulty and fickle. They change. They are unsteady and often unreliable. When it comes to our sexuality, they are a blessing in their proper, place but a danger when they become our leader. Yet, how many times do we let our feelings manipulate us and how many times does our heart lead us astray? All of us have felt that sting.

In the moment our desires hold us captive to something we’ve believed will satisfy or fulfill us. Several tears later, we realize our wrongs. Some of us desire to get out of the rut but don’t know how and become tired of falling as victims for what we feel.

The problem goes all the way back to Genesis from the first time Eve believed the whispers of the serpent. Eve was discontented and the Enemy was working on her emotions. In hopes the bite of forbidden fruit would fulfill her, Eve and her husband had their eyes open and they realized her nakedness (3:7). In their shame, they fled from the presence of God and fellowship was severed for the first time. Yet God sought them out in the garden. There the first atonement was made. An animal was sacrificed and Adam and Eve were covered in their nakedness (3:7).

Isn’t that like you and me?  We all can say we made some bad choices when it comes to our sexuality and sometimes we’ve hid from the presence from God in our disappointment, pain, shame, unfulfillment, and regret. We like Adam and Eve are left with our eyes open, naked, left to our own devices, sewing fig leaves in hopes to make us whole again.

Here we saw that fig leaves don’t work. Another relationship will not work. A flirty exchange won’t do the trick. Sex will even leave us empty. What we need is an exchange of our guilt for His grace.

Following the fall in the garden, God used animal sacrifices to cover sins. Years later, God sought to restore the emptiness of our soul once and for all when He came to atone for our broken choices. Good Friday is about Christ who became the sacrifice on our behalf. Atonement means “At-One-ment.” It means a permanent covering. It involves sacrifice, a reconciliation for wrongdoing, and the pursuit of another to make amends. In essence, it involves action on our behalf. If you’re an etymology freak like me, the definition when associated with Christ becomes even more incredible. To think that someone (Jesus) would risk all to atone for my wrongdoings, past, present, and future, is unfathomable. While most would not associate sexuality in connection with the atonement, I believe the two are beautifully connected.

Good Friday is an event that points to the even greater atonement that was fulfilled in Christ Himself. Covering and exchanging our sin and shame for His forgiveness and righteousness, we celebrate the amazing gift of purity restored to us. Good Friday is a reminder to us to not neglect the incredible reality of Christ’s sacrifice and to not be indifferent to it. When it comes to our sexuality, His sacrifice on our behalf has everything to do with our sexuality. This Good Friday, I would challenge you to live in light of Christ’s sacrifice which brings forgiveness, wholeness, purity, and life. Commit to living a life of sexual integrity in light of what God did for you. Let your choices be a response to the amazing gift of purity God has already provided for you and thank Him for it.

If you desire to accept or recommit to this gift, why not take some time to pray with me:

Jesus, I thank you for the sacrifice you have made on my behalf. I want to ask forgiveness for the ways I have neglected your sacrifice and in the ways I’ve lived to chase only my own desires. I’m tried of feeling and coming up empty. Help me to walk in Your ways and live a life that pleases You. Thank you for this incredible gift of purity You have given to me. I celebrate it and desire to live in light of it this Good Friday and always.

In Your Name,