A Note From the Editor

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Note From the Editor: April, 2018

By Sarah Komisky

At this point in life, I’ve never been more honored to be a woman than I am now. I mean, let’s think about it; looking back to a not-so-distant past, women were still fighting for equal rights to vote, employment, equal pay, education, and to have an equal voice overall when it came to their dreams, desires, and opinions. Although I currently live in a world where I have some rights of my own, I still live in a world where the unfair treatment of women is still pervasive. This includes discrimination, unfairness, abuse, human trafficking, sexual assault, gender bias, sexual harassment, and sexual violence as relevant tragic realities.

With these issues on the forefront of our culture, women are having a response. From marches to girl power activism on the rise, as well as the banning together of females to create movements like “Me Too” and “Time’s Up,” females all over the world are taking action. This has also included making statements of awareness like wearing black to awards shows, speaking out, writing an open letter of solidarity to women, gracing covers of magazines talking about the topic, and developing an initiative to fight sexual harassment in Hollywood and in blue-collar workplaces nationwide. Overall, the message is clear: women are no longer remaining silent and are desperately longing for change. Yet, as a Christ-following female, I am challenged in my response.

For me, my anger over these injustices as well as my passion to stand up for what is right is very much connected to the heart of Jesus who came to this earth to stand up for the oppressed and the victimized (Luke 4:18 ). Back in Jesus’ time, women had very little rights, yet He interacted with each one with respect, dignity, and honor, elevating them in revolutionary ways! Jesus took time to listen to women, defend women, heal women, befriend women, and do ministry with them. In turn, these women became courageous, strong, devoted, and beautiful because of Jesus (not of their own merit). In turn, it isn’t the response that is wrong, but it is my expression of that response that could be detrimental.

You see, women in the Bible changed the world, but they did it in ways that honored God. They did it through their irreplaceable role as females, never overshadowing, emasculating, or belittling men in the process. This is where our expression needs to resemble God’s heart. As God honoring females, I don’t believe in light of these tragedies the goal is to lash out in hate against the opposite sex or win these battles by taking on for ourselves masculine traits like aggression that we were never meant to inherit. Instead, I believe we can bring change with our God designed female role.

Consequently, this issue is all about discovering what that is and what it looks like. We will talk about female strength from God and glean from examples in the Bible. We will refuse to stay silent for what is wrong and speak out for what’s right, shedding light on current issues of female injustices. Also, we will find tools to help us rebuild what is broken and find hope to overcome the darkness. Additionally, we will also discover what it means to walk in our true identity as females and males, talk about what it means to be a guy who honors a woman, applaud those men who have stood for us, and celebrate the uniqueness of all God created us to be. Overall, we pray this issue answers some of your questions, brings awareness, and inspires you to be the woman or man God created you to be by honoring one another through a Biblical lens.

Lastly, when Esther in the Bible was facing tragedy in her world, God used her to bring justice in a time of injustice, saving the Jews from death. Esther needed courage to stand up for her faith and speak truth on behalf of her people who were being persecuted. Mordecai (her cousin) told her at the point when she was at the crossroads, “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14). Know that God did not call you to remain silent. He wants to give you a voice and to use it for His glory. He created you uniquely female (or male) for such a time as this. May He give you wisdom and may you stand up, make your mark with our current female injustices, and honor God by doing what is right.

To all my sisters, this one’s for you!