Our Note to Guys: Showing Honor to Females

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Our Note to Guys: Showing Honor to Females

By Sarah and Selma Komisky

QUESTION: How Has a Guy Shown You Honor as a Female?

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what the Lord requires of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

– Micah 6:8 (ESV)

This is our prayer for you.


“Guys have showed me honor in my life by showing me that I am worth their time.  When they do things such as go out of their way to pick me up, or spend their money on flowers just to make me smile, or help me with homework because they believe in me and my future, they show me honor by putting another’s needs ahead of their own gratification and wants. It is the time put in and the extra thought that shows females that they are worth honor and respect over other things in life.”

“One way some of my guy friends have shown me honor is pretty simple actually…they always walk me to my car and sometimes even open the door for me. It’s not a huge gesture or anything, but sad to say that it’s pretty unusual for guys to do such gentleman-like things today. So whenever they take initiative and do stuff like that, it reminds me that there are definitely guys out there who genuinely honor women, they’re just a little hard to find.”

“Some guys won’t hurt my feelings if they get upset about something. Guys also let me say my opinion even if they don’t agree.”

“The first man that comes to mind is my dad. He has shown me honor since I was a little girl by his example to me and my mom. I can say I never heard my dad talk about other women or ever criticize my mom’s looks. He always respected us and treated us with great worth. With him, I felt safe and protected. He allowed me to have a voice and told me I could be anything I wanted. When I was growing up, he didn’t expect to be served but served alongside us by folding laundry or helping put away groceries. He always opened my door, complimented my clothes, and surprised me with gifts he thoughtfully observed that I liked. For me, I grew up thinking this was the norm! Today, I tell him that I genuinely want to marry a man like that.”

“I have had a guy show me honor by asking before he hugs me, even in a friendly manner. Also, being cautious of their words and how they talk about girls.”

“One of the best ways to honor a woman is through chivalry. Chivalry goes far beyond just opening a door for a woman or pulling out her chair for her. Chivalry should mean that a gentleman takes the girl into consideration first, before anything else. It means that he prioritizes her and puts her first, before himself. Gentleman, in this pride induced world, you may have to work hard to extra hard to put someone before yourself. But if you long to honor a woman, make her your priority and practice chivalry. Guys, let’s make chivalry not dead.” 

“A guy has shown me honor as a female by listening to what I say and by helping me see the good things about myself when I feel discouraged.”

“One time a guy has shown me honor as a female was when he respected my emotional boundaries. I have the tendency of getting to emotionally deep too fast. So, before I would share something about me, he would ask and ensure if I was okay with sharing this. Just to be sure.”

“My husband tells me that he has a lot of male coworkers who have ‘locker room talk’ about women- basically having lewd talks about women. They ask my husband his opinion of these girls and he tells them that he trains himself to not look at other women because he only has eyes for me. I find this very honorable.  

“By placing my honor and well being before the Lord at all times …applying the Word of God, His love, and His precepts for life in all His dealings with me. God first and then everything falls into place. This makes this man’s honor for me like no other, giving me the ability to flourish.”