Prom Verses Stag

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Prom Verses Stag

By Delaney Mowers

The question of going to prom with friends or going with a date is a prevalent topic during prom season. Talk of who is asking whom, and who is going with whom, commands a lot of focus. It is easy to get caught up in the thrill and forget to examine where your heart is at as far as relationships go.

While it can be hard to be content with being single around an event such as prom, being single (and living life, such as going to prom) while single comes with some benefits that are worth exploring. God created humans to be complete individuals individually, and there things he wants to teach you in seasons of singleness and gifts he wants you to experience.

Enjoying time with your family and friends is one great benefit to being single.  Looking back on prom as a fun memory that you spent with your friends is amazing, and these memories will follow you wherever you go.  Dancing the night away with your best friends can be a blast, and approaching singleness with a perspective of gratitude for the multitude of relationships in your life allows you to enjoy them more fully.

Having the freedom to explore your freedom while in a season of singleness is another benefit of being single. Relationships take up a lot of time, and not being in an exclusive relationship allows you to pursue other passions and other dreams.  Often times, we are tempted to wait to follow out passions until we have someone to do it with. Instead, there are benefits to following the beat of your own heart and seeing where it takes you.  So go out to the dance floor, wear the dress you want to wear, and dance to the beat of your own drum.

Having the freedom to explore also teaches you a lot about yourself you would not otherwise have learned.  These lessons can be about life, such as who you are and where you are going, and they can also be about the kind of person you may be interested in the future.  Interacting with lots of different people while you live your life teaches you what you are looking for in a person and allows you to learn in a non-serious manner what your standards and goals are.

Singleness also allows you to focus on God and the relationship he desires to have with you.  Singleness inevitably guides us to finding meaning and purpose in our relationship with God and in the love and support that he so wishes to provide us with. The space that singleness creates in your life for this communion with God strengthens your relationship and allows you to learn to lean on God instead of on yourself.  Psalms 73:23-25 in the New American Standard Bible say, “Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you have taken hold of my right hand.”  Singleness lets you take hold of God’s hand and let him guide you.

Singleness, while certainly tough at times (especially when everyone around you seems to be in a relationship) provided a myriad of benefits.  Seasons such as prom can heighten the sense of singleness, but can also heighten the benefits that come with it.  So, if singleness is the place God has placed you in, grab your friends, grab your dancing shoes, and dance on the dance floor like there is nothing holding you back.