The Importance of Hanging With Mom

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

The Importance of Hanging With Mom

By Roselyn Barrios

Hey everyone,

I hope you are having a blessed day. I also hope that you guys have been spending a lot of time with your moms. A lot of people may think its not important to spend time with your mom, but it is very important. Moms can bring out the best in you and they will give you great memories. At this age, it is very important to be with your mom because as we get older, it gets harder for us to deal with things in life and we need to have that connection with our mom because we will always need them to be there for us.

For example, I have the greatest mom in the world and people may say they have a great mom, but mine is the best. She is always there for me and even when we get mad at each other, she always cares for me. Whenever I need her, she is right there by my side and she’s always protective, as a mother should be. I think she’s the perfect mother. I hope you think of your mother the same way I do because even when you think your mother is wrong, she is always right. All she wants is to protect you and make sure you have a perfect life or at least a great one where nothing bad would happen to you.

If you feel as though your mother isn’t trusting you or you feel as though she punishes you, try to look at her point of view because you should know that she just wants to look out for you. Teens these days are always on their phones and some girls want boyfriends, but if your mom says no to that, please listen. They don’t want to see you get hurt especially at a young age, where our emotions are heightened.

Moms especially have the love that no one can ever give you because mothers know you from head to toe and everything about you is the only thing that is in their heads. It’s also great to spend time with them because they will not always stay here on earth with us. It may be hard to think of the future where you have to let your parents go, and we have to face the fact that they will leave us one day, but God will take care of them in heaven as they wait for us to see them again. All I’m trying to say today is for you to make sure you spend as much time with your mom and make sure she knows you love her because your mom will always love you and she will always be there for you through it all. God bless you all.