How-To: DIY Graduation Party Ideas

(Feature photo by Natalie Baugh)

How-To: DIY Graduation Party Ideas

By Bella Martinez

After years of late night studying, tutoring sessions, and a whole lot of caffeine drinking, all of that hard work is about to pay off. I’m talking about graduation. Many of us have that certain someone in our lives who we can’t wait to celebrate with as they step out of school and into the rest of their lives. That certain someone might even be you, and if you’re thinking about throwing a graduation party and need a few tips, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to give your grad the party of their dreams.

The Food

Candy bars, taco carts, and chocolate fountains are always a good idea, but a few clever recipes can help put your party over the top.

Watermelon Pops: Graduation falls around summertime, when watermelons are sweet, delicious and in season. A simple and fun way to serve watermelon at your grad party is to slice it into thick triangles, use a knife to slit the bottom, and stick a popsicle stick into the slot – yummy and healthy.

Bean Dips: Speaking of taco carts, bean dips are always a tasty, crowd pleaser. Rather than having guests scoop it onto a plate, spice it up by serving bean dip in individual cups with bags of tortilla chips. To make, take shallow plastic cups and layer in refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese, and top it off with black olives, chives and tomatoes.

Cheese Board: Cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers, meats and other vittles arranged on a board are so aesthetically pleasing, which is why I believe cheese boards elevate any and all parties. Most cheese or charcuterie boards are comprised of the above elements, but you can also add florals and greenery for decor, as well as pickles, pretzels, honey, and jam, amongst other things.

The Decor

Balloon Signs: Balloon signs are very much trending right now, and I love it. Bubbly, cute and fun, balloon signs make for a great backdrop and addition to any grad party.

Photo Booth: A photo booth is not only fun, but a good opportunity for party guests to strike a pose and make great memories. Making your own photo booth can be as easy as cutting a sheet to your desired size, hanging it up using tacs and setting out props, or you could make fun streamers, tie them to a rope or string and hang it up, such as what is pictured below.

Through The Years Photo Board: One meaningful decoration family and friends will appreciate is a photo board of your grad through the years. It can be as simple as putting together a scrapbook with photos of your grad, or more complex like fastening photos to a window pane or frame such as in the photo below. Stories about your grad when they were younger and gawking is sure to ensue.

The Entertainment

How Well Do You Know Your Grad?: Gather guests around and hand out a questionnaire about the grad. What’s their favorite food? What school or career are they moving onto and why? Name three states or countries have they been to, etc. You can find printable versions online for inspiration or make your own

Sports & Competitions: Have a sporty grad? Set up a game of tag football, field hockey or soccer. Is your grad a witty Jeopardy lover? Make your own version of Jeopardy with questions about the grad or general knowledge and have teams compete for a prize for endless fun

Memories of the Grad: Have guests write down on a card or piece of paper a fond memory of the grad and collect memories in a jar or box. Afterwards you can use the memories to scrapbook and give as a grad gift.

Prayer: Send the grad off with the most important gift of all – prayer! Equip them and give them a boost of confidence to move on into future schools or careers with the Word of the Lord. Isaiah 40:31, perhaps?