The Beauty of Summer Style: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Natalie Baugh)

The Beauty of Summer Style: Photo Shoot

By Sarah Komisky

Guys, you have swag and to celebrate the launch of our new guy section here at Marked Ministry, we did a summer shoot just for you! This month, we partnered up with one of our regular photographers, Natalie Baugh and her boyfriend, professional model John (Johnny) Matthew Reed to bring some men’s summer style to the mag!

Discovered while working at an Aeropostale store and scouted for Wilhelmina in New York. Johnny was signed to one of the most prominent modeling agencies that proved to be not all it was cracked up to be with the fashion industry’s competitive nature and party scene. Moving to L.A. to find work, Johnny moved into a luxury modeling apartment where he had came to his end feeling the saddest he had ever been in life. Feeling the need to read his Bible, God began to speak to him and a friend came along his side. At that moment Johnny surrendered his life to Christ. Now, he uses his modeling to represent Jesus in the secular fashion industry.

Due to his Atlanta roots, Johnny sports Jorts and cool t-shirt’s completing the look with a basketball jersey. Overall, Johnny’s go-to is “cool and slick” with a pair of ripped up jeans, dark men’s Clark’s or chuck suede Chelsea boos. Here is a look at a summer outing with the couple in Catalina. Natalie quotes, “We took his birthday as the perfect excuse to go. It was a beautiful day there, the temperature was just right, and I couldn’t help but want to take pictures of him. I think the pictures really represent just a cool summer day hanging out. And that’s a lot of times who Johnny is. He is very relaxed and loves to spend time with people and really loves getting to know people as individuals. I guess I tried to capture that through these pictures.”