Redeeming Your Season of Singleness

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Redeeming Your Season of Singleness

By Jehn Kubiak

Singleness provides plentiful opportunities to make change, impact others’ lives, and do great things for the Lord.

One advantage single people have is ample time to form relationships with others––whether that’s with friends, family, church members, or even with younger children in the church. God created humans as relational beings, which is why we often co-minister. By taking time out of your schedule to talk to someone else, you can impact their life. In turn, they may also say something to you that impacts your life. Secondly, without being bound to a significant other, singles have opportunities to visit with family members and help out in various ways: cleaning around the house, babysitting nieces and nephews, or even helping out elderly grandparents. Third, they can serve in the church or pour into other kids. For instance, they can become a greeter, or they can work in the nursery.

What else can single people do? Those who are dating or married generally work together, but single people can volunteer for a cause they’re passionate about without consulting anyone else. Whether that’s helping the homeless, walking someone’s dog, or working a yard sale, you have the opportunity to float around and help different organizations.

On another note, singleness provides a great time to mentor high school girls who feel unloved and seek love from other young high school boys. Through your experiences––whether you’ve dated or watched people endure tough relationships––you can help them understand why they should seek God’s love first.

Furthermore, periods of  singleness are the time to figure out who you are and save future relationships from falling apart. According to meetmindful, many people don’t know themselves well before entering a relationship. Due to this, they may try to please the other person by changing themselves, or they might not know what they want in a relationship.

Make a list of dating or marriage priorities and values so you can have a healthy relationship. In addition, make a list of words that describe you so you don’t lose sight of yourself and end up in one of many unhealthy relationships. By getting into a healthy relationship later on, you have an opportunity to show others what genuine love looks like.

Lastly, if you’re a college student, you can do something great with your vacation time: work at a camp, volunteer for a summer program, find a great internship, or some other wise use of your time. I’ve worked at three different camps for three summers, and spite some downsides along the way, I’ve ultimately enjoyed contributing my skills to a greater purpose. However, you don’t have to give up your entire summer to a camp––you can also intern for your church or a local organization that might need help. You can even stay at your campus and work during the summer semester. Opportunities arise where you look.

Don’t make singleness an excuse for a pity party. Use your gifts or insight and do something valuable with them.