Album Review:III

(Photo courtesy of Rogers & Cowan)

Album Review: ‘III’

By Sarah Komisky

III. It’s a number that could signify a milestone. A number of a birthday or anniversary. A number of a group. A number of chords that can play a song. A number that can make a difference. For Hillsong Young & Free, this first studio recording encapsulates a three-year-journey with God and with each other.

So, what sets this record apart from the band’s past albums? Well, I believe it’s the beauty of coming together to create that makes a difference in the life of the listener. It’s all about the quality not quantity and this album has that. Probably my favorite factor is its very collective, personal approach with lyrics like stories written in a beautiful chapter. As the listener goes on the journey they will for sure experience the rawness of this album that fosters a worship response they get to be a part of. But to know Y&F is also to know that this band has matured. Therefore, the album is not just about dancing, it is also  about being in the quiet as the songs express a real journey with real people who have real emotions. The refreshing thing is that the listener can relate.

Bandmate Aodhan King told People Magazine recently,III is a representation of us. The album seeks to tell the story of our growth as a band and as individuals. It’s quite simply our third chapter. Filled with stories of God’s faithfulness, we pray that these songs will remind people that there is hope for them no matter where they find themselves.”

Hillsong’s raw reflections on life span the course of seventeen tracks that invite the listener to get real with God and others. The second beautiful reminder is the beauty of community and the sharing of the good and bad times together, which is definitely present in the album.

“’III’ is a collection of personal songs, written and sung from profound devotions and life wrestles over the last three years,” says Y&F’s  Laura Toggs. “Life presents us all with many highs and lows…each track represents personal revelation with truthful words to commit our way to Him and inspire faith, hope, and the greatest of these – LOVE.”

Overall, fans of their pop/EDM songs will not be disappointed with the delivery of familiar upbeat songs like their single, “Love Won’t Let Me Down” “Let Go,” and “Just Jesus.”  Yet I would challenge Y&F fans to try the softer side of the band this time around. Grab your ear buds and a journal and listen. Songs like “Peace,” “Highs & Lows” as well as the “Selah’s” set the tone for your own quiet time with God. You will not be disappointed with this new, softer, side of Y&F. And when you want to get your praise on, the faster tracks will always get you going. For those looking for a new worship album this summer, look no further.

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