How-To: 31 Days of Making Your Mark

(Photo by Maylin Rowe)

How-To: 31 Days of Making Your Mark

By April Brown Bautista

August 1st: Just a Little More Time. Start off a “Month of Giving” by giving God a little more time. I encourage you to spend an extra five minutes today reading a Psalm or Proverb. You can never lose out by giving God a little more. 

August 2nd: Post-It! Give a little note. Leave a note for a parent, friend or significant other. Nothing means more to my daughter than a little note in her lunch! 

August 3rd: What’s in a Word? Give some encouragement. The Bible tells us to, “encourage one another and build one another up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11a, ESV) Giving someone an uplifting word can make a difference!

August 4thFresh Air. Give a little health. Bring someone outside and go for walk. A little fresh air brings happiness. Your lungs will thank you, too!

August 5th: Return to Me. Give something back that you borrowed. I think I wrote this one specifically for my sister 🙂 But really, take advantage of today and return something that you borrowed. Ideas: books from the library, the cup sugar from the neighbor or a shirt you took from your sister. Just saying….

August 6thClean Up. Give a little of your time cleaning something up. It can be a junk drawer, a car, your desk at work, your room—-whatever it is, take a little time to clean.

August 7thSay, “Cheese” and give a smile. Take some time today and genuinely smile at people you pass. The irony is most people won’t know what to do! A smiling person is a rare thing to spot. So flash those pearly whites!

August 8th:  Yummers! Today think of your favorite food and then give out the recipe. I love to share all sorts of “good eats” just as much as I love to receive them. I am sure you will also. 

August 9th: Throwback Thursday. Give yourself a little reminder of the past. Watch a movie that you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe eat snack you liked back then as well.

August 10thGive the love of Jesus Christ to someone who needs it. 

August 11thCommunity Day. Use this day to bless someone else. Take time to help a neighbor, your church or friend with a special project.

August 12th: A Hunting You Should Go. Give a scavenger hunt. Make a short, fun little hunt that will take a friend on a journey to find something fun!

August 13th: Recycle! Most people wouldn’t think of this as giving, but at its roots, recycling is giving back to the planet. Whether it is bottles, newspaper or glass, do something good for the environment. 

August 14thSmarty Pants.Give some knowledge. Share a fun fact with someone. You will walk away a little smarter and a little happier. I’ll give you a head start: Did you know that hundreds of Manta Rays gather in the Cortez Sea every year? They leap out of the water several feet in the air and create a beautiful water ballet?

August 15th: The Word. Write you your favorite verse and give it to someone you know…or may not know. There is nothing more powerful than the Word of God. You never know what you are imparting when you give a special gift such as scripture.

August 16th: Knee Slappers. Today find your top five favorite corny jokes and text them to five people who need a laugh.

August 17th: Speak Life. Give the gift of spiritual truth. Tonight is the first night of Harvest Crusade. Invite a friend to join you tonight (or this weekend) and hear the gospel.

August 18th: Give a picnic. I love picnic food. Who doesn’t love eating a variety of salads, chips, sandwiches and refreshing fruits? Today you can treat yourself and others to fun day of good food and sunshine.

August 19th: Give it a rest! No, literally–give yourself a rest. The Sabbath day was taken by God as a day of rest. This Sunday make time to sit and relax. You will be thankful you did.

August 20thPay it Forward. Yes, this was a movie, but it did have a moral. Although it might be cliche, take today to give a random act of kindness. Pass it on. 

August 21stGrandparents. I love my grandma, and I know how much she loves me. Today give sometime to a grandparent. Write them a letter, call them or even go love on an elderly person who does not have grandchildren. They will not be the only one who is blessed. 

August 22nd:  You Got Mail I know it might be old fashioned, but writing a letter has a special value. Devote some time to writing a letter to someone you care about. 

August 23rdBallads of Love. Give a song. Dedicate a song to someone special…or even, write your own! 

August 24thI’m making waffles! Today is National Waffle Day. I encourage you to give the gift of delicious waffles and to treat a buddy to a waffle, too!

August 25th: Homeless to Hopeful. Take advantage of today and give to someone in need. The person doesn’t necessarily need to be homeless–they can be an elderly person who needs help with house chores or friend who needs an extra listening ear. Find someone struggling with an issue and give them what they need.

August 26thSqueeze me! Yep. You heard me. Today find a friend and give them a hug. While your at it, tell them how important they are to you!

August 27th:  Snack Attack. Pack an snack in your lunch today and give it away. Or you can even make some fun snacks for your co-workers or friends. Remember: sharing is caring. 

August 28th:  Salutations. Give a hello today. Kindly greet everyone pass today. No better way to start the day then with a little kindness. 

August 29thSweet Kisses. Give someone a kiss, well, a Hershey’s Kisses. Everyone can have one of those, and they make you feel special.

August 30th Cup of Love. August is such a hot month! Find someone who is need of refreshment and get them something to drink. I’ll take a giant iced tea!

August 31st:  Give thanks! Take some time and tell God thank you. Thank him for month he has given you and the experiences he allowed you to have. No better way to close a “Month of Thanks” than to thank God for the opportunities he gave you.