Sek Hao: Guest Writer

(Photo by Jonathan Richard)

From the land of Malaysia, Sek Hao is 23-year old indie singer/songwriter/producer that has recently graduated with a Bachelors in Contemporary Music from UCSI University. Starting out as a vocalist, the up and coming artist has ventured into different aspects of music that includes production and songwriting.

He recently announced his arrival onto the music scene with his EP, “Be” and is definitely an act to look out for. His meticulously crafted a selection of songs – a journey that takes the listener from frenzied highs to slow-burning emotional trips and back again. Bringing an eclectic electronic twist to his childhood rock influences, Sek Hao’s debut “BE” EP is a fresh take on this genre in an age where many newer acts shy away from organic, rip-roaring guitars and thumping rhythm sections.

This is the thinking man’s approach to contemporary indie rock, and Sek Hao doesn’t hold back. His honest, sometimes blunt, yet always endearing lyrics take center stage across the board with all of his work. When juxtaposed with his slightly avant-garde yet pop sensible musical ideas, this EP is a formidable package.

Although making his first debut as a solo artist, his near future plans include forming and curating his music as a band. That being said, his solo work will still be in the works but as a separate entity altogether.

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