Giving Thanks for Loved Ones

(Photo by Lydia Salas)

Giving Thanks for Loved Ones

By Roselyn Barrios

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a great year (especially those of you in school) so far. I know I definitely am! As a freshman, it’s a little easy, but it gets complicated sometimes with different activities. I’m glad my family supports and helps me with any problems. That’s what I would like to talk about—why I’m so thankful for my family.

My mom has been the most supportive and caring person I have ever known. My mom gives her time to help me with any after school activities and she tries her best to give me a great life.

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you,” (Exodus 20:12). The reason why I used this verse is because it really speaks out to me and I hope it does for you too. Our parents are our greatest supporters. I feel like they try their best to give us the greatest lives we could possibly have.

I know you may think your parents are tired of you, but they care so much about us that when we go away to a friend’s party or sleepover; they feel empty, and maybe even lonely, because you are not there. I think it’s very important to give thanks to our loved ones—not only our parents.

I love holidays because I get to see some of my family members who I haven’t seen in a long time. The feeling you get when you see you family after a long time is one of the greatest feelings in the world since there is so much joy and peace around.

Our siblings are also great because, depending on your relationship, you can talk to them about anything. I have older sisters, one of which is my best friend. I literally talk to her about anything because we are so close, and we aren’t scared that the other person might say something about the other or give any judgment unless you ask for it. There may be times when we aren’t on the same page or there is a fight; but the great thing about being siblings is that you can always forgive, and afterward you can continue with your lives like nothing bad has ever happened.

There are other family members who you should give thanks to, but mainly your parents and siblings are the ones you spend most of your time with and who you would normally talk to. Unless you have anyone else looking after you, make sure they know how thankful you are and share all your love with them.

I hope you all are doing well and that God blesses you.