The Beauty of Fall Menswear Trends: Photo Shoot

(Photos by Natalie Baugh)

The Beauty of Fall Menswear Trends: Photo Shoot

By Natalie Baugh

Fall is in the air and on a crisp morning last week I knew I had to break out my camera and snap some shots of my guy. Fall is my favorite season of the year, and thus, fall fashion is as well! When it comes to men’s fall fashion, they have it easy. A sweater, pants and a beanie and they are good to go. For these outfits, we tried to incorporate some trends floating around this fall of 2018. We paired his black corduroy pants with wool lined denim jacket and a mustard yellow beanie. This outfit made for the perfect, on the go, all around hipster fall look. The second outfit was sleek, clean and easy. We paired his stripped crew neck with with black jeans and boots. May you be fashion inspired by this shoot this fall season.