New Year, New Tradition

(Photo courtesy of Rachel Mosler)

New Year, New Tradition

By Kyle Jane Heskett

“Each age has deemed the new-born year. The fittest time for festal cheer.”

– Walter Scott

I love celebrating the New Year because it is a holiday that leaves much room to celebrate in your own unique way. While I love Christmas and Thanksgiving, they are normally celebrated in the traditional way—having to meet the needs of several family members. But New Year’s always had more leeway for me. It can be a chance to celebrate differently and get creative. For long enough has New Year been celebrated by going to a traditional party and making resolutions. Those are all good and fun, but why not spice things up this year? Perhaps it is time to start a new tradition!

I’ve interviewed a few of my friends to find out how they celebrated the New Year growing up. Perhaps they can spark some ideas in you!

“My parents didn’t attend New Year’s parties when I was a kid. Instead we spent New Year’s together as a family, staying up and playing games.”

– Alissa in West Los Angeles, CA

“I had a friend’s birthday on December 31st so we would often do a barn dance for New Year’s Eve to celebrate both occasions.”

– Lauren in Van Nuys, CA

“My husband’s family tradition growing up was to have all the kids in the family run outside and bang pots and pans to ring in the New Year!”

– Shirley in Inglewood, CA

“My family had traditions that were somewhat cultural. We had a countdown and during the eve. My mom made sure there was a noodle dish at the table, 12 different fruits, and money in hand. The house had to be spotless, too. It was superstitious because it was saying that if we had these things in order before the new year, we would have it in the new year. I’m not superstitious, but I do love celebrating with a countdown and remembering what the previous year meant and praying for what’s to come.”

– Sharon in Culver City, CA

New Year’s celebrations could be a time of celebrating your heritage, starting a new tradition with your kids, baking something special, watching your favorite movie, or whatever your heart desires. I’m inspired to start a new unique tradition with my husband this year. If you have any great ideas or want to share how you have celebrated in the past, leave a comment below! Whether you try something small or something big this year, do something that makes you cheerful. Have Fun!