How-To: 10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Others This Holiday Season

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

How-To: 10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Others This Holiday Season

By Sarah Komisky

While the holidays are synonymous with busyness, I believe they can also be synonymous with togetherness. That’s why I am creating this list of 10 ways to spend quality times with your loved one. AND this list isn’t conducive to couples! It’s also for friends, family, mentors, whoever! This list is for everyone! Share this list with them and let them know they are valued this holiday season. Now, that’s an amazing gift! Enjoy!

  1. Worship: Find a friend who plays guitar and have an acoustic worship night at your house. Sing some carols by the fireside and worship God together!
  2. Give the Gift of Gab: Go to a coffee shop and connect. Communication is seriously life-giving!
  3. Cook: Grab, you’re a family member and cook their favorite holiday recipe. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll get to carry on a tradition!
  4. Write: Christmas cards might be old-school but they are also super meaningful! Grab a few and let others know you care.
  5. Try Something New: Ask someone what they would like to do and do it (you might find you will like it!)
  6. Invite: Let someone know they are welcome at your church. Invite them and share the love of Jesus this Christ.
  7. Movie Marathon: Who doesn’t love holiday movies? So why not create a movie night? Choose some favorites and get in the spirit!
  8. Go on an Outing: Pick a festive place or event (there are TONS this season) and go exploring in a group and enjoy the adventure.
  9. Picnic: Sometimes we need a change of scenery to unwind. Go to the beach, park, mountains, or your backyard and take in the view with good food in the great outdoors.
  10. Read: Replenish your soul together by getting into God’s Word. Talk it over. Pull out some scriptures and share your thoughts. Looking at the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke is a great place to start.