How-To: 4 Creative Holiday Party Ideas

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How-To: 4 Creative Holiday Party Ideas

By April Bautista Garcia

I’m a planner and holiday parties are my absolute favorite! Every year my besties and I get together for Christmas and do something super festive and fun! It’s tradition, but we are defiantly not traditional! This year, if you’re planning a holiday party but looking for something new, look no further. Here are 4 new creative holiday party ideas to try out this season with you and yours! Something fun, quirky, and always, merry! Enjoy!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The name says it all. This party idea centers around goofy and fun Christmas traditions. Ugly sweaters, white elephant gift exchange, ridiculous games (i.e. unconventional Christmas tree decorating or random Christmas trivia), a fruitcake bake off, Christmas scavenger hunt, etc.

Giving Party

The theme of this party will be focused on sharing the spirit of Christmas. You can have people bring coats or blankets for the homeless instead of gifts, coordinate a cookie decorating time and have the finished results be donated to someone, organize carolers to sing at a nursing home, etc.

Winter Wonderland Party

This party is purely based on “Frozen.” You can decorate with snowflakes, Frosty the Snowman, Elsa and Olaf or icicles and white twinkle lights everywhere. This theme can go anywhere as well. You can make a hot chocolate and ice cream bar with everyone’s favorite toppings or people can make their own ice cream. This can be themed for kids or adults. You can hold your party at an ice skating rink or have a broom ball hockey tournament. The possibilities are endless!

Holiday Movie Party

This party theme is centered on Christmas Movies! People come dressed as their favorite holiday movie character (e.g. Elf, Kevin from “Home Alone,” Ebeneezer Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol,” Chevy Chase from “Christmas Family Vacation,” etc..). You can play a trivia game based on holiday movies or you can play the winning holiday movie that corresponds to the highest number of people who came dress from that movie. Food for this party can be themed around a movie, too! You can serve spaghetti from “Elf,” pizza and ice cream like Kevin, hot chocolate from the “Santa Clause,” cookies from “Jingle All the Way”–or, if you’re brave–you can have a Dickens’ feast.