Photo Shoot: The Beauty of a December Birthday

(Photos courtesy of Natalie Baugh)

Photo Shoot: The Beauty of a December Birthday

By Natalie Baugh

Every year, when I think of my birthday; I always think of Christmas. I mean, it’s hard not to when you have a birthday in December. Natalie means “Child Born at Christmas Time.” So growing up, very often, I have had them coupled together. I’ve definitely gotten the old phrase, “Oh this present is for your birthday AND Christmas.” Good thing I love Christmas so much.

This year I knew I wanted to do something a little different; something that really celebrates the season I was born in. Besides my boyfriend surprising me with a beautiful dinner the Friday before, and my parents having a dinner for me the night before that, I asked if we could also steal some time away to venture up to Big Bear, California (I’m definitely a birthday weekend kind of gal). Here in Southern California, we don’t always get the full experience of Christmas. It can be Christmas Eve and still be 80 degrees outside (quite common)! I wanted to actually feel the winter on my bones,and Big Bear is the closest mountain to us that we could escape to. It had just snowed the night prior, so our arrival was perfectly planned. There was snow and frost everywhere. FINALLY I could see my breath when I breathed. We first headed straight to grab lunch, as we had come straight from church and we were starving. We filled our bellies with barbecue and warmed our hands with hot chocolate. After our tummies were satisfied, we decided to walk around the shops a bit. The shops in that little town are ADORABLE. I can easily spend $100 on homestyle fudge. I asked my parents if we could  go look at a small Christmas tree farm. My mom joked that we would end up with one in the back of our truck before we left and by golly, she happened to be right! I saw the most perfect little tree for my apartment, and it being my birthday, my dad said he’d buy it for me. I’m definitely a daddy’s little girl ;).

We ended our night by taking a walk by the lake. It was an hour before sunset and the sky was lit golden. I got snow in my boots and my hands froze over, but boy was it beautiful! The air was chilly, and I was happy. More than being there though, I so enjoyed my time with my loved ones. I was able to spend some quality time away with my parents, brother and boyfriend. We enjoyed so much laughter and love, and that is what I will remember the most. It was a beautiful December birthday.