4 New Worship Albums of 2019

(Photo courtesy of elevationworship.com)

4 New Worship Albums of 2019

By Ashley Gomez

With the New Year comes a number of things to look forward to. With this in mind, we have the privilege of looking for new ways to refresh our view on the love that God has for us. A way we can see this is through the gifts that God has given to us and to those around us, through music. Music, worship music in particular, has always been a way to experience God’s Love. These albums all share that in common. Their fresh outlooks give one the ability to see, and find themselves within Gods Love.

Hallelujah Here Below- Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship has produced their newest album entitled Hallelujah Here Below and it does more than provide a set of songs for a Sunday morning drive. In retaining their signature sound, they have created a way for one to connect with God and all that He has to offer us. Its various songs all create a sense of peace within them. These songs create a vision in us about the power of God, and allow us to reflect on what He has done on this Earth for us! Regardless of where you find yourself within the album, each song allows for a different perspective on the love that God gives. Whether it be finding yourself in Him, or allowing His love to flow through you onto others, this album allows for a relationship with God to find a new and fresh path for one to worship on.

Follow You Anywhere (Live) – Passion

Passion has done it again, evoking a well known atmosphere of enthusiasm and longing for the love of God in their new live album entitled Follow You Anywhere, named rightly so. This collection of songs expresses the one on one relationship with God and how that has the ability to transform ones’ perspective on what God has done for them. These songs contain concepts for reflection and take more complex situations into consideration, they allow for the love of God by us to be shown in a genuine way. This genuine outward expression of ones’ faith allows for progression in ones’ faith. It shows the choices one makes and it shows how God has the ability to aid in those choices. This album in itself is one that will have you asking if you will truly follow God anywhere.

Songs We Wrote on Tuesday – Ripp + Rice

Ripp + Rice, the name may be unfamiliar to some, but they provide a brilliant example of a contemporary genre of Christian Music. This album was released with the intended audience of Christian listeners, but upon first listen it sounds like any other type of music one could find playing in a local coffee shop. This mellow atmosphere that they have created allows for a familiar sound, but one that does allow the love of God to be seen and heard. The songs in themselves evoke very visual images that show the grandeur of God – however subtle, they remain present throughout the album. In doing this, it allows for us to reflect on our own lives and how we have the ability to find God’s love through our day to day lives.

Live At Influence Church – Influence Music 

Live at Influence Church, is filled with well known worship songs that many have heard time and time again at a church service or even during the past holiday season. Although well known it does not hinder the ability of God’s words to shine through, no matter how many times one has listened to it. These collection of songs serve as a comfort for many, but to some only scratch the surface of how God’s love has impacted them. These known songs serve as reminders of how great God’s love is, and how consistent it has remained throughout the years. This fresh new approach to these songs give us a way to see God’s love while allowing us to reflect on our own progression of faith, while remaining an integral part of who He is.

These four albums have distinct sounds that allow for one to very simply become enveloped in God’s love. To simply put it, God’s love is found anywhere you look. Whether you’re looking for something to listen in your free time, or you’re looking for a fresh new way to worship God, these collections of songs are a great place to start.