My Thoughts on Church and Boys

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

My Thoughts on Church and Boys

By Alyssa

Hey guys, it’s Alyssa! This month’s topic is “Church and Boys.” In junior high, one of the main topics is boyfriends and girlfriends. But as a Christian, is it ok to like or date a non-believer? Let’s go deeper into this question.

Personally, I think it’s ok to think somebody is handsome or pretty. But when it comes to relationships, I think its purpose is to grow and learn with your boyfriend/girlfriend. But also, if they’re not Christian, how are you going to learn and grow in Christ with them? So no, I do not think it is ok to like or date a non-believer.

Also, when you like someone, usually that means potentially dating them, or at least considering it. But why do we want to date someone at this age? Is it to have a relationship with that person, or to gain popularity and be considered cool? I think a lot of kids, especially in junior high, date to be called cool or to fit in with everybody else. Personally, I think they are being really stupid, I mean think about it… If you could choose to be either cool and fitting in because of something that probably doesn’t benefit you or you could choose not be in an unnecessary relationship and hang out with friends who will build you up, I would choose the second option if I were them! What would you choose?

I also think social media is a big reason people are changing how they act, dress, and talk. Maybe they feel the need to also be in a relationship to get more followers or more acceptance online. But I’m sure there are some people out there who do really want to grow with their partner and who don’t really care if they are accepted or not. Everybody wants to be accepted, the shy, the loud, the mean, and the nice.

But we are in junior high right now! I think we are at a stage where we are figuring out who we are in Christ, what our purpose in life is, and what matters most in life. If we don’t even know who we are, how can we take on that responsibility of fully knowing someone else? When you become part of a relationship, you are connecting with that person on many different levels. I think we should just be enjoying life and having fun with friends. After all, we are just “kids!”