Where Do Millennials’ Stand With the Church?

(Photo courtesy of Cerise Ostrem for Marked Ministry)

Where Do Millennials’ Stand With the Church?

Millennials. They are everywhere and shaping the world that we live in every day. But who are these so-called millennials, and what exactly makes them so different? Their perceptions and beliefs vary from person to person, including the reasons why they do, or do not attend the church.

But what really determines whether a person goes to church or not? As we get older we learn the traditions of our families right alongside them, and we have the ability to decide whether or not we stick with those traditions or stray away from them. This is one main factor that is considered when trying to determine why millennials are not committing to the Church. The other side of why millennials are not committing to the church lies on the personal experience side of the individual. If an individual does not have a good experience with the church from an early age or they hear about a poor experience they will not continue to commit to the church in fear of a bad experience.

So what do we do about these individuals that stand torn between two different walks of life? They stand between living a Christ filled life and a life without Christ. For those who live a Christ filled life and have committed to the church, this decision is not hard, but the latter is tougher than it appears.

Proverbs 11:14 (ESV) says, “When there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” This word shows both sides of where one falls when they do not know whether or not to commit to the Church and Christ. When people do not follow Christ there is a chance that they may not strive to their full potential, however if one would commit to the Church there is a plethora of people who are willing to help one in their journey to commit to the church.

If you are one who is torn between these two different walks of life remember this scripture. It speaks to those who are looking for a place to walk, and it gives reassurance to those who who are already walking in the path of Christ and the Church.

Ultimately, it becomes a personal choice in whether to commit to the church or not, and in no way does this decision happen right away. To find where one stands in their faith takes time, but taking this first step is one that will determine where you will go.