20 Rapid-Fire ‘Optimisfits’ Questions with Ben Courson

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

20 Rapid-Fire ‘Optimisfits’ Questions with Ben Courson

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah: What are you reading right now?

Ben: I am reading a book called, “This Idea is Brilliant,” [or something like that] it’s a conglomeration and amalgamation of smartest minds writing essays on things like biological means or space exploration. Also, things like quantum theory and quantum mechanisms, so I’m reading that right now. And I just got done with an Astrophysics book before that and a biography about Kurt Cobain. So I’m all over the place.

Sarah: Favorite part of the book or experience while writing it?

Ben: To be honest, the experience of writing the book is boring. Like you just sit down and write. But the trouble with every author is not writing the book, the trouble of every author is sitting  down to write. So you just have to stay in your chair. But my favorite experience from the book would have to be when we went to an abandoned water park and we were literally four-wheeling my jeep through it. That was fun. Super sick.

Sarah: What year would you like to be transported?

Ben: 2,300! I want to go into the future and explore space! I want to go forward because I’m much more interested in where we’re going than what happened in the past.

Sarah: Star Wars or Harry Potter?

Ben: Star Wars – no question

Sarah: What makes you laugh most?

Ben: Probably my friends Cameron and Brighton. When I see them get together and they go absolutely nuts  and cast off all restraint. And are literally bouncing around saying “Boiiiii” at the top of their lungs. I’m dead.

Sarah: Tolkien or C.S. Lewis if you had to choose one?

Ben: Tolkien

Sarah: Favorite character in “Narnia?”

Ben: Peter Pevensie…and it might be Prince Caspian

Sarah: Most recent fact you learned?

Ben: On the Voyager probes released in the 1970s, there’s a record inside and it’s not touched by decay so it can lasts millions of years hypothetically and it contains a sound of a baby and it also contains the sounds of Beethoven’s record.

Sarah: Favorite “Hall of Faith” hero in Hebrews 11?

Ben: Nowadays, I would choose maybe Enoch because he just walked with God and didn’t die and said, “I’m peacing out.” That was pretty sick!

Sarah: Favorite Food?

Ben: Mexican

Sarah: EDM or Indie?

Ben: EDM for sure, no question

Sarah: Favorite song on your “Optimisfit” playlist?

Ben: “She’s American” by The 1975

Sarah: Beaches or Mountains?

Ben: Beaches

Sarah: Favorite Poet?

Ben : Oh I love poetry so that’s a hard one! Well, one that’s very depressing but she’s amazing is Sylvia Plath, but that’s just like if you’re feeling like mourning and need a cathartic, therapeutic outlet. And then Tennyson, and then I would go with Dylan Thomas. Oh and Frost! “Miles to Go Before I Sleep,” [“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”] Yes.

Sarah: If you can be in a band for a day?

Ben: I would be in the John Mayer Trio

Sarah: If you were a passport, where would you go?

Ben: Tokyo

Sarah: Newly discovered rebel that you admire and is not in your book?

Ben: Thomas from “Maze Runner”

Sarah: What are the essentials an ‘Optimisfit’ takes in their suitcase on an adventure?

Ben: Portable Bluetooth speaker and skateboard

Sarah: One thing you hope readers will gain from this book?

Ben: That life is about having fun with God and squad

Sarah: Favorite part about teaming up with Marked Ministry?

Ben: I love that you ask great questions, you’re very intelligent in your journalism, and I love that you’re so excited about reaching this generation with hope.

Find out more about Ben and “Optimisfits” by visiting bencourson.com