In Memory of Peter-John Courson




(Photo courtesy of Tammy Courson)

In Memory of Peter-John Courson
Lots and Lots of Reasons

Excerpted from Tambo Art by Tammy Courson

* In memory of Peter-John Courson

There are sometimes lots and LOTS of reasons why NOT to do something.

Yet sometimes it seems like we just should. There are sometimes where you sense it is even God saying, you’re going to wish you had done this even though there are obstacles.

In October and November of 2018, I was at the tail end of finishing up the cottages I was building. A cottage for us to move in to and a little Airbnb I would run. My heart was tied up in all this and every detail mattered because I was able to design these cottages from scratch and certainly wanted to be there for the last couple weeks during the final details.

Well we had an Israel trip planned before I had all this underway. It was a trip that seemed super special because it was my three guys that were going to be leading it. My husband Jon, my oldest son P.J. and youngest son Ben.

With all that goes on at the church and the way my son Ben travels the world teaching everywhere, this was a very rare thing for them to be together for two weeks teaching in Israel. But as excited as I was for this, I remember talking to Jon about whether I shouldn’t go because of all the pressing things I had going on. And I would literally be moving the day after I got back.

I remember us saying there might be a “next time” the boys could do this again together, maybe I should wait for that.

But there was something in my heart that I knew I was supposed to go. And on this occasion, I actually did what I felt I was supposed to do. I went to Israel.

I am sure glad I did. Those two weeks we spent together like that, hearing my three guys teaching together and laughing together, is something I will always treasure. And as it turns out, there wouldn’t be another opportunity to do it again this side of heaven.

Listen to what God is speaking to your heart and go with it. You won’t regret it.


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