5 Brands That Help Victims of Abuse

(Photo courtesy of Branded CollectiveLazarus Artisan Goods)


5 Brands That Help Victims of Abuse

By Kyle Jane Heskett

The issue of sex trafficking as a whole can often feel overwhelming. Where do we begin to help end not only pornography’s use of victims, but all others as well? There’s no one way, but a good place to start is to support fashion brands that actively take part in fighting against the sex trafficking industry. One website has listed some great organizations. Here are just a few:

Agape International Missions

AIM seeks to rehabilitate sex trafficking victims in Cambodia. They have an online mission store that sells hand crafted products rehabilitated women have made.

UNCVRD Jewelry

This organization not only donates to victims of trafficking but advocates for prevention and awareness.


Elegantees focuses their mission on Nepal. Each seamstress receives double or triple what they would normally earn in the local industry and, with each new hire, this organization rescues a woman and her family from the threat of trafficking.

The Priceless Collection

Founder Beka Burch wants every woman to know that they are priceless through the production of shirts and special jewelry.

Branded CollectiveLazarus Artisan Goods

This organization desires to bring a connection between the consumer and the victim, a desire to spread awareness. Each piece of jewelry is branded with the initials of the trafficking survivor that made it.