Mary Poppins: The True Wonder Woman

(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

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Mary Poppins: The True Wonder Woman

By Michelle Ochen

No matter how old you are, Mary Poppins has a unique way of making you feel like a kid again. She has a way of making “the job a game” as she once sang and even medicine became a delight. The key to the fun was inviting the imagination of a child into the daily tasks of life. As we age, we can often throw out the youthful zeal in the things we do. Mary Poppins shows us that really any task, even a bath can become a wonder if we widen our eyes to see differently.

Mary Poppins brought games into the daily grinds. We all have to clean, cook, and bath, but what if we looked for ways to make those tasks fun? Instead of walking down the road to run an errand, why not ride down on a bike while trying to keep your balance well. While drinking the icky medicine why not sing a song? While washing the dishes why not give each one a name? Kids are always looking for fun, we too would do ourselves a favor in following their example.

Mary Poppins, although fun was a women of order and rules. She taught children to care for their belongings with pride and gratitude. When you treat the belongings you have with utmost care, you will find that they hold a greater value to you. Your car may not be the latest model, but if you keep the inside clean and fresh, you will find a pride grow within yourself for the vehicle you have and appreciate it all the more.

Lastly, Mary Poppins found a reason to smile in each task she took on. We can adopt a negative mindset as we grow, we begin to grumble instead of sing. Mary Poppins teaches us to find a spark of happiness in what we do and let it grow into a flame. Perhaps it is by singing a song, or making a joke, or simple pausing and reflecting on something good.

We must be people who cultivate gratitude if we want to be those who spread joy. There is always something good to be found in the lumps of life when we begin to see life through the faith of a child.