Our Note to Guys: Real-Life Prince Charming

(Photo by Natalie Baugh; Edited by Selma Komisky)

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Our Note to Guys: Real-Life Prince Charming

By Sarah and Selma Komisky

QUESTION: What is your take on a real-life Prince Charming?

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

– Micah 6:8 (ESV)

This is our prayer for you.


“A real-life Prince Charming is a man who is completely in love with God. When he is obedient to God’s callings and passionately peruses Him daily, I know he will treat a woman the way God wants me to be treated. When he aligns himself with God, he will be a real-life Prince.”

“A real-life Prince Charming is not perfect. He’s sweet and kind and someone who wants to encourage and support you through your perfect and imperfect moments.”

“Prince Charming seems to indicate the perfect man. But perfection in a person doesn’t exist. Maybe the real definition of prince charming should be someone who’s flawed but has a heart for the Lord and loves me for who I am.”

“I’m not sure I want a Prince Charming. Too much charm is deceitful. I’d rather be with a man who’s a little awkward every once in a while, just so we both remember how human we are and that our relationship is in God’s hands. There may be moments when he captures my heart – perhaps in the way he prays for a stranger, or offers me his jacket, or says something sweet – but real love is not always so romantic and there will also be moments when I’ve explained something twice and he doesn’t understand, or he trips over a curb, or he is convinced I’ll like something because he does – and those things are real parts of a relationship too!”

“He doesn’t exist. Every person has baggage of some sort – you just have to decide whose you want to unpack.”

“Mmmm…sad to say but they do not exist. I think sometimes hoping for a Price Charming can give us false expectations. There is not a perfect prince. Besides perfection gets boring and irritating after a while. You begin to feel the weight of your imperfections. Not trying to sound like a Debbie Downer. There are, however, men who love Jesus and desire to serve him. In doing so, they will desire to sacrifice and lay their life down for their bride–Just as Jesus did. That’s the real definition of a prince in my book.”

“A guy who knows how to respect everyone he encounters.”

“Well….personally, my ‘be careful radar’ would be on high. I used to believe the fairy tales when I was younger….they are just that. Fictional stories.”

“When I think about the idea of a real-life Prince Charming the first thing that comes to mind is this perfect guy that steps on the scene and makes life a complete bliss. That’s probably what most may think about as well and in the beginning of a relationship per se, it may actually feel like that! In reality though, nobody is perfect and if we think we’ll find someone that will sweep us off our feet, never let us down, and make all the issues in life disappear, then we’re in for a let down. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone and, again, no one is perfect; we all make mistakes and fail those we love. Also, any man can be charming, it’s whether or not it’s genuine that counts! All in all, I think the whole concept of Prince Charming is overrated. I think we need to spend less time trying to find a Prince Charming and comparing guys to what we see in the movies, and more time seeking out a man who desperately desires to seek God because if a man is seeking God he will better be able to love us in return.”

“My real-life Prince Charming is handsome inside and out. He has a beautiful, compassionate heart for Jesus and for people. He is a brave, spiritual leader and at the same time humble and confident enough to admit his flaws. He makes me laugh, shares my joy, and sits with me in my pain. He confirms my identity in Christ and serves alongside with me to further the kingdom of God. My real-life Prince Charming protects me, loves me for who I am, points me to Christ and is my very best friend.”