Who’s In Your Pit Crew?

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

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Who’s In Your Pit Crew?

By Amanda Zarate

We’ve all seen those few seconds in a Formula One race or a Nascar race where the car screeches to a perfect stop right on the line and the pit crew hustles to change tires and fuel up the car. Before you even hardly realize all that has happened, the driver is gunning for the track at lightning fast speeds. It’s one the most the thrilling parts of racing to witness besides the mind blowing corning at unthinkable speeds. Okay,okay so I like cars and racing a little- okay a lot.

The Disney movie Cars is one of my favorite of all time. I can literally finish the movie and watch it all over again and to write this article that is exactly what I did. My four boys were elated that mom was suggesting we watch Cars AGAIN. There are so many great lessons to learn from Lightning McQueen and his adventures but I chose the one I think is most important for all of us who are believers in Jesus who want to win the race of life.

Lightning McQueen prided himself on being a solo driver. At some point going fast was not enough to win the race. He needed to learn how to out drive his opponents but he only knew what he knew and without an experienced crew he wasn’t going to be successful.

We can be Lightning McQueen-ish by thinking we already have all the people we need in our life. Oh sure we have co-workers, family, friends, even church friends but are they the crew who know how to jump into action when you need them? Do you have people on your spiritual team who know more than you do? Do you have anyone in your life who will be honest with you and tell you that you are going the wrong way or the wrong speed on the track of life?

Lightning McQueen crossed paths with Doc Hudson, a regretfully retired race car, who became his crew chief. He knew how to drift around corners and even spin the car around effortlessly from backwards to forwards. Lightning McQueen was slow to receive his help at first because of his pride but after he saw Doc Hudson’s driving skills he was all tires, I mean ears.

We can learn a lot from our pit crew or we can be left behind in the race of life if our crew is not up to speed on what it takes to win the race. When we encounter problems – and we will, our crew will either help us or hurt us. Proverbs states it perfectly, “The godly give good advice to their friends; the wicked lead them astray.” (Proverbs 12:26, NLT)

Chick was Lightning’s relentless and shameless opponent and we all know we have one too who is seeking to devour us. Our crew needs to be those who are reading God’s Word and praying for us. Of course we need to be doing the same for them as we are all in this race together.

When you have marriage problems, financial issues, social pressures, work stresses, illnesses, worrisome surprises, struggles with depression, abuse, insecurities, family squabbles or anything else the devil throws at you, you need a crew who turns to the Almighty living God; Jesus.

Let us not race alone or with unwise persons but let’s choose our crew wisely and then we can enjoy the ride. When it gets bumpy we will know how to drift around the difficulties and have joy in the Lord when we experience Him effortlessly turn what was meant to harm us into something good.


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