10 Rapid-Fire Disney Princess Questions with Tori Harper

(Feature photo courtesy of IMDb and photo of Tori courtesy of Hoganson Media )

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10 Rapid-Fire Disney Princess Questions with Tori Harper

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah: If you could be any Disney princess for a day who would it be and why?

Tori: Rapunzel. I’ve always loved Rapunzel. We both have blonde hair [laughs]. But she always has this joy about her and I just love the beautiful setting of her story.

Sarah: What is a daily must-have for every princess?

Tori: A song.

Sarah: That goes with this next one, if you could record any Disney princess song what would it be?

Tori: Probably, “At Last I see The Light” from “Rapunzel.”

Sarah: I see the theme going on here. Who is a Disney Princess sidekick you would love to chill with?

Tori: I’m gonna go with Pua from “Moana.”

Sarah: Favorite Disney Princess destination you would like to travel to?

Tori: Probably the Beauty and The Beast Castle.

Sarah: What do you think is a princess myth that you would like to put to rest?

Tori: There is a myth that “The Little Mermaid” and “Frozen” are connected, and I don’t think that’s true.

Sarah: Who is the prince you think has the best qualities?

Tori: Kristoff.

Sarah: If you were a princess, what would be your special power?

Tori: Talking to animals.

Sarah: Who is your Disney Princess fashionista?

Tori: Belle.

Sarah: If you could be a Disney princess for a day what would you do and why?

Tori: Pass a law that helps the orphanages and have a banquet for all the orphans so they would have a really good day.



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