11 Rapid-Fire Summer Questions with Catherine Ballas

August 10, 2015, in Studio Session, Refit Revolution

(Photo courtesy of REFIT®️)

11 Rapid-Fire Summer Questions with Catherine Ballas

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah: What is thing that your most excited about for this summer 2019?

Catherine: Non-REFIT®️ related, I’m excited about getting a tan. Legitimately, I’m excited about the sun.

Sarah: What are you most excited about doing with your REFIT®️ crew this summer?

Catherine: We all getting to go to Columbus [Ohio] together, so that will be a blast. We always have a misadventure or two and end up crying laughing because we’re laughing so hard, so it will be good.

Sarah: What are your top three YouTube throwback videos?

Catherine: I really like “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. Goodness [laughs]. “Roar,” and let’s go with “Acapella.”

Sarah: Dancer you wish you could challenge to a dance battle?

Catherine: Mark Ballas [laughs]

Sarah: Favorite current summer song?

Catherine: I love “Finesse.” Any Bruno Mars song.

Sarah: If you could describe yourself as any dance move, what would it be?

Catherine: Probably The Robot. I mean, The Cabbage Patch? [laughs]

Sarah: Snapbacks or flannels?

Catherine: Snap backs – that’s easy.

Sarah: Favorite thing that you love about Mark Ballas?

Catherine: I love his heart for people and that often times, we share the same brain.

Sarah: Song that’s on your radar to choreograph to?

Catherine: Family Force 5 (FF5), “Tiger Night.”

Sarah: Dancer you wish you could chill with for a day?

Catherine: Twitch – he would be fun.

Sarah: Favorite Michael Jackson album?

Catherine: All them put me in my feelings…I love old-school “Off the Wall.”

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