Guest Writer: Susie Davis

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Hi…so glad you dropped by.  Just a few little things about me:

I’m an author, encourager and mentor. I can’t get away from those things. So that means I write. Every day, I wake up and write out things in my moleskine journals. And every day, I end up somewhere on social media (InstagramFacebook and Twitter) with words hoping to encourage you to love God even more. I also write a couple times a week here on my site. You can keep up with those posts by signing up here.

The other thing that I can’t seem to escape is a God-given desire to reach out to the young women around me. I call them ‘dear daughters.’ So that makes me a spiritual mama or mentor ~ whatever you want to call it. That’s me.

More? I married my high school sweetheart, Will Davis Jr. We’ve been married and in ministry over thirty years. We co-founded Austin Christian Fellowship where we still love teaching at our weekend services.

Our oldest, Will 3, married the beautiful Amy (Barnes) over three years ago. They live in Denver. See more of their lovely ceremony video here. It still makes me cry.

Our Emily married Kenton Boone two years ago. So fun to have a son-in-law and he’s the best. See their wedding highlight photos and video here.

Our youngest, Sara, married David in November. It was quite the celebration. See more of their joyous wedding photos here. And oh … you gotta see the highlight video. Lotsa dancing.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂