Three Simple Solutions for a Carefree Summer

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Three Simple Solutions for a Carefree Summer

By Angela Beeler

Summer has meant different things to me in different seasons. When my girls were little, it meant water parks, day camps, zoos, museums, and staying sane until daddy got home. This summer it means being a screen monitor, event planner, chauffeur and activities coordinator. Regardless of what summer brings, what I love the most is the transition from careful to carefree.

I think we can all agree that our days are filled to the brim with meetings, schedules and to do lists. We very carefully tend to our google calendar to ensure we know what’s next and what’s after next. We carefully set endless reminder on our phones, not trusting our own brains to do the work for us.  We carefully plan meals, help with homework, pack lunches and run businesses with precision and accuracy.

But summer brings us the greatest reprieve of all with it’s magical, sun-filled moments. Though the calendar still runs like clockwork, there are a couple of ways we can lean into the intentionality and carefree vibe of summer:

  • Schedule downtime in your planner or calendar. It sounds silly to set aside an hour or two each week for “me time” — but I promise, your mind and soul with thank you!
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness just means being present in the moment. Often we try to do several things at once– like cook dinner, answer emails and make a grocery list all at the same time. Let your mind practice “single focus” for a change. You’ll feel more productive and refreshed (instead of stretched thin an unaccomplished).
  • Connect with things that bring you peace or joy. Nature walks, playing with puppies, reading books, cuddling chubby-faced babies — whatever it is, find ways to engage with activities that bring you peace. This will strengthen your emotional IQ which will definitely lead to a more carefree approach to summer!

This weekend, Catherine [Ballas] said, “You’re in such a good mood! Why is that?” And as I thought about it, I realized that my good mood was because of summer. I had made it through the carefully planned fall, winter, and spring, and I had summer on my horizon. It’s almost as if a low pressure system had lifted and happiness and joy had broken through the clouds.

So as we all transition into our summer swing, I encourage you to embrace the word “carefree”. It may be a hope, a prayer or a dream, but on the long, dark days of being careful — I hope it will bring a small ray of sunshine into your heart and when it does, I hope you’re accused of being in a good mood, too.

Stay carefree,


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