How: To: 8 Essential Adulting YouTube Videos

(Photo by Natalie Baugh)

How: To: 8 Essential Adulting YouTube Videos

By Selma Komisky

Get a jump start on adulting with these quick and easy how-to videos via YouTube for men and women to check out anytime your in a pinch!

Wedding, job interview, school banquet, professional event? No problem! We got you covered with this impressive 10-second tie tutorial.

CPR might not be on your average adulting list, but it super practical for everyday life. Be proactive and feel good about putting safety first.

Spiritual adulting comes when we make time to get alone with God. But how do we get started? Check out the simple how-to to begin your quiet time the acronym S.O.A.P.

Moving out? Getting married? Hosting some friends or family for dinner? Newbie to cooking? We got you with an easy chicken recipe everyone will love and you will leave you feeling proud you made it!

Not sure what to do when your button falls off or you need a quick tailoring fix? No need to take it to grandma or pay money to mend with this simple tutorial that will have you sewing savvy in no time.

Worried about your next job interview? College admission interview? RA interview? No problem! Practice always eases anxiety. Take some tips from this mock interview and learn what and what not to do.

Stranded with car problems? No worries. Prepare ahead for those unexpected moments with this simple how-to on changing your tire.

Are you a new traveler and nervous about the experience? Take some advice with these travel hacks if you are taking a missions trip, visiting family, going on a business trip, or planning a little vacation. This tutorial will have you covered and ready to fly.

There you have it! 8 easy and simple how-to’s to get you started on any of your adulting needs. We hoped this helped, taught you a thing or two, and left you feeling good about what you accomplished! Good job!