15 Throwback Items From The ‘90s

(Photos courtesy of Pinterest)

15 Throwback Items From The ‘90s

By Alyssa

Hello Marked Ministry Tweens, its Alyssa. This month’s topic is Retro/Throwback. So, I’m going to talk about 15 Throwback items from the ‘90s.

1. The Original Trolls

These ‘90s toys were tiny beings with crazy colorful hair! Not going to lie, but they freak me out a little!

2. Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers

These stickers not only reminded you that you were hungry, but if you had these fragrant stickers you would be considered a popular kid!

3. The Big Wheel

This tricycle was cooler than a Mercedes back in the ‘90s. If you had this as a kid, you had your whole school wrapped around your finger!

4. Stacking Point Pencils

Stacking Point Pencils were cool, easy to use, and it saved a lot of space for your pencil box.

5. Gushers

Who doesn’t know about Gushers?! These wonderful ‘juice’ filled gummies from the ‘90s are still eaten today.  Primarily for a snack. But back then, it was sometimes lunch!

6. The Original Text Message

They didn’t have any smartphones back then, so texting was out of the question. So, what they did, was fold a piece of paper a certain way and then they would write what they wanted and give it to who they wanted.

7. Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets were a nostalgic ‘90s item. All you had to do was take the long “stick’’ and slap it on your wrist. Then you magically have a bracelet!

8. Cabbage Patch Kids

Every girl wanted these chubby dolls. Any girl who wanted to be a good mother had one. But it wasn’t enough to have just one!

9. The Original Virtual Reality

Like I said before, there was no such thing as smartphones, so it would have been near impossible to do our virtual reality! Their VR was kind of like a box with a plastic screen to look in. Then there was a long slit in the front to put in the slide of pictures on this disk looking thing. And to move the disk you had to push a certain button.

10. Calculator Tricks

This was simple. All it was, was just typing a certain combination of numbers and flipping the calculator upside down to reveal a word or sentence.

11. The Wonderful Waterfalls

This toy was a fun but challenging game. It was typically a clear box with two ‘sticks’ on the left and right side. It was also filled with some clear liquid and red and blue circles. The objective is to get all the circles on to the two sticks by pushing two buttons on either side of the box. By pushing the buttons, it pushes air towards where the circles are, and moves them to the sticks.

12. Gak!

This ‘90s toy, just so happens to be Nickelodeon Slime! It smelled just like plastic, but came in many different varieties such as Metallic Gak, Smell My Gak, and Solar Gak.

13. LipSmackers

LipSmackers were the EOS of the ‘90s. They were conveniently pocket small and came in irresistible flavors

14. Beeper Codes Perfected

Again, in the ‘90s smartphones did not exist. Instead of phones, they had something called beepers. And to be able to use the beeper, you would have to perfect the codes. For example, 07734 means Hello and 143 means I love you.

15. Sun In Bleached Hair

This was the easiest way to bleach your hair in the ‘90s. All you had to do was apply it and go out in the sun, and eventually it would bleach your hair!

Which of these ‘90s items would want to try? I hope you guys have a wonderful week and enjoyed this article! BYE!!