A Story on Waiting on God’s Timing

(Photo courtesy of Victor Marx and All Things Possible Ministries)

A Story on Waiting on God’s Timing

By Victor Marx

Some of you may be shocked to learn about one of the deepest seasons of pain in my life. When I loved Eileen, but she didn’t love me. I’ve never shared openly this truth of how I suffered deep heartache when I finally had the courage to share with my friend Eileen how I felt for her.

It was Marine direct, to the point, even saying something to the effect that I would probably be a missionary in Africa and live just above poverty level. My desire was to serve the Lord and I wanted a wife. Herein lies the problem with that––timing!

Although I was convinced the Lord spoke to my heart that she was my bride-to-be, I didn’t seek His wisdom on the timing. (Target acquired, but not cleared to engage). Bless her heart; looking back, we were both young/new Christians and we had not even dated or held hands.

In my mind though, she was going to be my wife. She saw me only as a friend, which felt like my heart was stabbed with a Ka-Bar knife.

I didn’t take her compassionate rejection well. I got mad at God, angry at her, and fell back into my pattern of not trusting women. All I wanted her to do was love me back, so my heart was broken.

Well, in God’s wisdom and timing, we both grew apart to grow closer in our faith, which we would need for the future He had ordained. Around a year and some change, we reconnected. After that, her eyes and heart toward me changed, and she started feeling affection for me! Then after spending time together, going to events with others in our company, I finally mustered up the courage to ask her if I could hold her hand. She smiled and said, “yes.”

Three months later on one knee in the mountains of California, holding a grass ring I had made during our walk, I reflected on how I loved her and always did from the moment I first saw her. Even before we met, I loved her and prayed for my future wife night after night. For God’s protection for her until we would meet. Then I would always protect/ provide/ love her with all of my heart and soul. Looking into her captivating eyes, I said  I wanted us to grow old together and would she marry me. She laughed and said, “YES!”

Three months later, we married!

Don’t give up on Love; don’t give up on God’s timing!

This story was re-posted with permission from All Things Possible Ministries and Victor Marx @victormarx on Instagram.