Fashion Inspired By Icon Throwbacks

(Photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Fashion Inspired By Icon Throwbacks

By Maxine O’Loane

Since this month is all about throwbacks, how about taking a quick trip down memory lane and reminisce with me about some of the most iconic styles throughout the history of Hollywood. Both on the big screens, as well as the small screens, we all spent some time in front of these icons. This list includes fashion icons from the 1950s and onwards; I would have included everything from the early 1900s, but I figured it would be fun to save that for another day. The best part about all of these looks is that they’re all outfits that you can put together today, whether you go to your local Goodwill, favorite thrift store, or decide to take the weekend to raid your mom’s closet. Here we go!

1950’s: Audrey Hepburn….Classic Beauty

Whether you’re going for that iconic evening elegance sleeveless dress, complete with your favorite drop earrings and classic heels, or a more basic wardrobe similar to that of Jo Stockton (Hepburn’s character from the hit Funny Face), these styles can be recreated. All you need are simple black pants, loafers, and a black sweater topped with a high pony tail (and why not add those bold brows – it’s all up to you and your mood). Or take a trip to your local Ross and find a few bright colored dresses or a classic white dress with some black laced designs. The options are endless. Pair with red lipstick and a bun hairdo and you are ready to go!

1960’s: Twiggy…. Trendsetter Without a Doubt

We can’t talk about fashion in the ‘60s without mentioning Twiggy. This beauty truly lived up to the phrase “triple threat.” Aside from her career in acting and singing, Twiggy is best known for being the fashion icon of this decade. The ‘60s were full of bold patterns, bright colors, bulky jewelry, and dresses of all lengths and styles. The picture attached shows Twiggy in a simple striped T-shirt dress with a dramatic collar, something that can easily be found in any store today. This look can also be recreated with an oversized T-shirt dress, leggings and simple black pumps or combat boots for those days where you’re feeling a little edgy.

1970’s: Farah Fawcett…. The Stylish Angel

The ‘70s wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite blonde beauty, and of course one of Charlie’s favorite Angels, Farah Fawcette. This beauty was a style icon for a reason; with her signature dirty blonde hair and shape, she looked incredible in whatever she wore, both on and off screen. Everything from the perfect business casual white button down and simple slacks, to more sporty looks with jeans, a sweater and her go to Nikes. For those of us who still have a secret desire to get the call and rush to Charlie’s office for the next mission debrief, we may not get to fight off any villains, but nothings stopping you from looking like you’re ready to join the cast for the next remake.

1980s: Molly Ringwald…. Pretty in Pink and Every other Color

Who wouldn’t want to look Pretty in Pink while spending their weekend stuck in detention roaming around their high school campus, right? The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink are the iconic movies that helped introduce us to Molly Ringwald, who graced all of our screens at some point with some pretty memorable outfits. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, we all know about that perfect laced, pink polka dot dress Andie caught all our attention in. Or that unforgettable pink blouse and long skirt with matching knee high boots combination Claire put together on her way to detention. Outfits like these can easily be put together once you find your modern take on the statement piece you want to show off. Whether it be the perfect fitted skirt, your favorite boots or that shade of pink that just seems to make everything pop.

1990s: Jenifer Anisten…. Everyone’s Stylish Friend

Rachel Greene was a household name everywhere you went in the ‘90s; guys wanted to date her, girls wanted to dress like her, and let’s face it, everyone had a Rachel in their friend group. Needless to say, Jenifer Anisten was the epitome of ‘90s fashion. She looked just as stylish walking into her apartment as she did walking off the set, heading towards her next shoot. She wasn’t afraid to switch up her wardrobe and go from a cheesy hawaiian shirt, perfectly fitting mom jeans, and her berks, to the perfect cocktail dress with some pumps. This decade was all about layers and keeping it as casual as possible. So to recreate any of her signature looks, all you’ll need is a fitted long sleeve with a comfy but cute slip dress thrown over it. And for those days when you’re on the go and don’t have much time, throw on some vintage Levi’s, a white tank, and that oversized button down shirt to complete a simple boyfriend look.

So, if you’re looking to revamp your style, get some inspiration from the fashion icons from the last few decades and see what you can do. Happy shopping!